Oculus Rift and the f-15c

how do i setup the dcs world f-15c to work with my oculus rift? it works fine with A-10c but i get no vr in the f-15c? help

Hi @rjet43 and welcome to Mudspike!
What version of DCS are you using?

i think its the 1. something lol

VR isn’t module specific. More version specific. In other words, if it works for the A-10C, it should be also for the F-15C. There might be something else going on, like your install is somehow corrupt. I believe that I arrived at that state one time, where some modules would work and others lock up. But that was before VR. I did a foundational reinstall which fixed it, but using @SkateZilla’s utility would have made things so much easier.

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DCS World itself is VR

The Entire GUI is in VR, All Aircraft Use VR.

What are you seeing in the F-15C Cockpit?

it looks like an old 2d cockpit and bad graphics

This usually happens when the module is not installed and activated properly.

it will put the user inside of the external model, and not load the cockpit model.

oh so i should delete it and re-install?

Re-install FC3 or F-15C Module and make sure they are activated.

ok so now i feel real dumb! i removed it and reinstalled f-15, it still worked the same, so i decided to try to do a free flight mission and low and behold it is working in VR, it was only the training that was not in VR! so now i have to figure out how to set up my saitek combat pedals so it will stop rolling when i touch them lol

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Invert the axis in «adjust axis» in the controllers menu :slight_smile:

also make sure that axis is bound to rudder only. default bindings tend to double up, making throttles give roll input and all kinds of weirdness ensues.

getting over the controls hump is imo the one big barrier to entry to DCS. its a boring chore and it needs to be done for every single machine you own. once done its done tho. (until you dare plug your controllers into a different port, then a whole new mess begins)

Don’t think it does this any longer… Doesn’t for me, anyway.
One thing that’s really bothersome with the DCS setup is that every new controller you might add, gets axis assignments automatically.


So do any of your guys have a pre-programmed set of loadouts for the thrustmaster A-10 hotas or do i have to program every input for the A-10 and other aircraft? Thanks again

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The A10 should recognise the Warthog and automatically assign everything except the rudder. Well, basically except anything that’s not HOTAS.

Personally I have just all my controls set up in each game, case in point- DCS- every module automatically loads its own set of controls…

I tend to avoid TARGET software as nowadays most software allow enough granularity by themselves.

For a while before I did a clean re-install of DCS I used CH’s inhouse programming software to just generate key press for each button on the controller. You still had to go in and clean up the extra axis assignments initially, but it was a lot faster to just simply enable controller profile to change AC then it was was to setup the controllers.

However I bit the bullet this last time and did it all the long way in DCS. I haven’t noticed a difference, and it saves me a step if I change AC.

It would really be handy for DCS to write a simple wizard, that setups up controls (even the basic ones such as the stick, throttle, and rudder) initially for each AC. It’d take 30 seconds to do when you launch DCS the first time. It’d be even nicer if it had one that could be ran for the first launch of an AC to setup various switches, hats, etc. A nice little graphical interface showing where they are located in the real world so you can setup something similar if your hardware allows it.


I’d like to take a minute of silence to thank Eagle Dynamics to have actually made a straightforward controls set-up system.

*Komemiute glares angrily at BMS *

A nit pick, but I’d be happy if DCS wouldn’t auto-configure controllers. It’s probably there to assist noobs, but just gets in the way for the rest of us.

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one of these days when i do finally get my controls to all work correctly i might be able to join you guys in enjoying DCS!