Oculus rift And x Plane 10

Hi to everyone.i ve just bought my oculus and downloaded x Plane 10 but in cant use the glass even if i downloaded flyinside .is oculus not compatible with xplane 10 or am i wrong in something ? Can somebody explain please.

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Unfortunately, with X-Plane 10 I believe that you are out of luck. I think that the X-Plane 10 VR integration is … not optimal and not a part of the base product. I know that there were some early attempts at third parties creating a plugin that could attempt to generate the correct images for VR headsets but I am fairly sure that there was no attempt by the developer of X-Plane to incorporate VR into version 10.

There are plans, if it has not already been implemented, for VR to make an appearance in X-Plane 11. X-Plane 11 is currently available but I am not sure how far along VR integration is.

EDIT: I think that FlyInside supports X-Plane 10 but I am not sure how well it works, if at all.

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Yep, Flyinside does say they support XP v10.52, although I’ve only tried it on XP v11. You can try the free demo to see if it works, as it gives 15 mins for free.