Oculus Rift S: AMVR VR Facial Interface

Nice accessory solution for the Rift S and the Quest, more hygienic than the stock cloth, and ultimately much more durable.



I ordered this silicone cover a while ago.

Still waiting for it to arrive…

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I had ordered that one too, only to find that the indentation in the middle was too shallow for my version of the Rift S, and that caused it to crumple inward at that middle point and then come loose in general.

Your version of the Rift S…?
Are there different versions?
I’m returning mine if it won’t fit!

I think there may have been slightly different versions of the facial interface. It fits fine except for the upper middle indentation (not the nose piece) but that makes it pretty worthless.

Hopefully you have better luck.

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Ordered this earlier today…it will be here tomorrow… :grimacing:

Really? Maybe they have stock in the US.
Mine was sent from Thailand.

I got it through Amazon. Easy to return if it doesn’t fit.

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It fits. Feels much better than the foam.



Lucky :frowning:

I wish mine had fit

I told you it existed and you got it before me.
Unfair! Unfair, I tell ya…

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I got my cover today. Well over a month since I ordered it… :roll_eyes:
Anyway, it seems to fit nicely. Will see how it feels like after I put my SimBox back together.


As usual, your installation looks much better than mine.

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I actually think the opposite!
And I can’t understand why the instructions call for removing the face cover… There’s absolutely no reason to…?

The foam? I removed it…and then put it back in. It was coming loose anyway…sweat and general use. I put it back in and then put this over it…provides the cushioning without soaking up swat and oils from my skin.

I have destroyed more headphones from ruining the foam padding. Now I know to put some sort of cloth over them like you see in RN films/videos. really and fictional. Wonder why the USN has never picked up on that?

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