Oculus Rift view adjustment.

Greetings Mudspikians!
I tried to place this in the VR News but wasn’t successful. I have another flight sim conundrum.
I just installed the Oculus and all is going well except for one major issue.
When I start a flight in any DCS aircraft, my seat position has me far forward in the cockpit. I feel like I am sitting on a bar stool with my nose pressed against the hud. Okay I am exaggerating but just a little. Also, at the DCS main Screen the sensation is that I am in the front row of an IMAX movie. It is very uncomfortable. Perhaps because of the Main Screen iview it is Rift issue rather than an in game issue. How does one manipulate my position in the cockpit? I have tried using the R Shift num pad routine but it does not change anything while using the Rift. So, the Rift is unusable at the moment.
I found the UI Layer for zoom and re center by the way.
On another note, Voice Attack works wonders for not being able to see the keyboard. I wouldn’t even have considered the Rift without it.
Any thoughts would be most helpful.

iirc numpad 5 should recenter your position unless you’ve changed it.

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RCTRL + RSHFT + KP4,2,6,8 = Moves your eyepoint L,D,R,U respectively

RCTRL + RSHFT + KP*, KPMinus = Moves your eyepoint fore and aft

RALT + KP0 = Saves your current eyepoint position

KP5 Recenters your view


I haven’t changed it and sorry but that does nothing. Thanks though.

Didn’t try the RCTRL+RSHIFT+KP combo yet. Thanks I will give it a go.

I’ve noticed this in FC3 aircraft mostly. The F-5, Huey and Gazelle were spot on.

Use the above controls to adjust then lock them in by using the RAlt+num pad 0

I have never needed to change the view position on any airplane in any sim in VR. I do sometimes need to recenter using the little fob that came with the oculus.

With the A10C you are most definitely positioned too far forwards at the start of a session. I just lean in a bit and re-center. Then lean back to a normal sitting position. It works well enough.

In the 109 I start with my head in the virtual pilots chest. a real PITA. A-10C is similar but there is no pilot body to obscure the view :smiley:

Wow, You guys have been a great help as always. The Rshift+Rctrl + the appropriate numpad did the trick. I haven’t tried to save with R ALT +KP 0 yet.
Thanks again.
after all of that, I am very disappointed in the over quality of the view. Doesn’t come close to the beauty without the Rift.
I use a small distance correction plus reading glasses. No tin the mood to drop any more money into VR Lenses.

Distance correction lenses make a difference. You might want to reconsider unless your prescription is very mild.

Thanks Mr. Rix
My prescription is very mild but I think that I will get details from the eye doc and see if VR Lenses might work. Or, a very thin framed granny style lens to wear while using the Rift.
All of this will have to wait for a while as I will be on a trip to the Med until mid August. Man I do not like flying in Europe anymore!!!
Thanks for your help.