Oculus stopped working w DCS


Hi all,
I’m having this problem w the Rift. It works with il2 and VTOL VR. When I fire up dcs it starts as it’s in vr mode. It even tracks my head movements but no video. I updated my video drivers. I wonder if I need to update rift software?

Any clues?

Start Oculus home.

With me that had to do with the oculus driver being updated and no longer working “homeless”. Remember that old trick where we set the oculus home executable to require admin priveleges? that now breaks the thing. So set it back to normal.

Holy crap!
For a moment there I thougt Oculus had stopped working with DCS, as in, Oculus the company stopped supporting DCS! :scream:
Ok, gonna go pour myself a calming drink now :tumbler_glass:

Fingers crossed you find a quick fix for it!

Hi all,
Looks like it’s working again. I dont know what was doing this. Now it works… maybe tomorrow not. It came on in game with Oculus home On. I need to try with it off… I’m not sure what’s up. Can Windows Defender be the problem?

No, oculus home is.

How is that?

If it cant run, the rift wont run. So reinstall it. Or runit before you run DCS.

Thank You for that. This is a new thing now. For months I have had the Oculus app on my desktop but I did not run it with DCS. Then one day, dcs don’t run on its own. A few days ago, it would not run even with the app. Now its all good. Stranger things have happened, I guess…

I know man, it’s weird and it sucks. Oculus is great hardware, but their software should die in a fire. What utter bonehead came up with the idea that a bit of hardware should not come just with a driver to make it work, but to add to that driver a shop full of useless crap and a useless resource hog showcase thingamibob. It boggles the mind and still, after all the time I have spent with it, infuriates me.

“software should die in a fire” :rofl: I guess some patch must have taken away our ability to run DCS without it. Sigh… That is life. Surely someone will come up with something soon.