Oculus Home now incorporates Steam games automatically onto its games list, but sometimes it can’t find the correct Icons, and inserts a placeholder or something too small;

Found on the Oculus forum, This is a tool that searches for Steam Icons based on the name of the app, or the steam id of the title, which can be found by right clicking the Steam game launch icon, or from the Steam database via searching for the game by name. Since obscure titles like flightsims and their correct icons are rarely found, this allows you to add them yourself to have a more orderly library:

Here is the link to the original Oculus Forum thread: Oculus Home Third Party Apps Icon Editor (open-sou... - Meta Community Forums - 680305



I made a tool that grabs Steam App Icon Images automatically and helps you change the icons easier. If you’re interested in checking out, please let me know how it works for you. It’s also open source!

  • Here’s a link to download: Releases · dignifiedweb/OculusHomeIconChanger · GitHub
  • Note: It must run as administrator, so it gives you a UAC prompt. Administrator is so that the “restart oculus service” button can work and I found it just edits images more reliability.
  • Here’s a screenshot of the app: