Off the wall question... charging USB devices overseas?

Hey… here’s a little off the wall question, someone in this international community might know.

Going to Germany in 2 weeks, was wondering if I plugged my iPhone/iPad… and for that matter, GoPro cameras etc etc into a USB port that is plugged into there 220 socket… will I fry my stuff? or is USB connections universal?


You will be fine. USB is USB. :sunglasses:

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It is fine as long as you are plugging it into an adapter that can deal with the 220-240v system.

If you can read the writing on the white US Apple plug it should be rated for 100-240v so a simple 2 pronged adaptor for Euro sockets should be all you need. (apple do a white plug world kit)

Also power sockets in some Hotels have USB ports in them these days - so just plug the cable directly in.

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A trick I found out is that every hotel room TV now has USB port- in case of emergency (forgot my charger) I use those. :wink:

Most (if not all) chargers are switched-mode power supplies. If it’s rated for 100-240 V AC for the input (there should be a label on it) you can plug it in German power socket as long as you have an adapter and you wont fry anything.

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This. Switched mode power supplies can be built much smaller and lighter. I haven’t seen an unswitched USB power supply in years. Still doesn’t hurt to check.

@Magnum50 hope this isn’t too late. I travel internationally for a living an never bring an outlet adapter. Every hotel I have ever stayed at either has several USB ports in the room OR, at the very least, a “shaver” outlet in the bath that will accept a US charger. I wouldn’t sweat it.

Thanks… wife is German so no hotels, we got family to stay at… but question answered, I have a outlet adapter with 2 USB ports… so just wanted to charge my iPhone and GoPro Cameras as needed… thx.


Germany is fine…same as US. In Australia, you have to flip/turn the USB plug to get it to fit in the port…:wink:


Japan is fine as well, for both USBs and laptops, if anyone is curious. I believe most iPhone chargers have built-in converters if necessary.

Also for the record:
If something fits in Germany, chances are pretty good it will fit in Denmark and Norway as well.