Oh BF3 Operation Metro, How I Haven't Missed You

Those choke points and the ability to get behind the enemy to start tossing C4 though…


opening of this mission is also very cool, this is what is missing in the simulators (DCS, BOS, etc.), the part before/after the flight. Take On Helos have this. In DCS we can at least walk around after bailout :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting point. I wonder if it is possible to hook in a cut-scene or even in-engine scripted sequence into a DCS mission? I agree a bit of story telling like that really gets the sim juices flowing…

I guess it’s my opinion that is unpopular around here then, that that was one of the most boring missions in a battlefield campaign ( campaigns that are generally not all that great, looking at 3,4 and hardline. Older games like '42 literally sequenced multiplayer maps against bots and called it the campaign ). All you get to do is drop some flares and lock guys up with a visor that fills the entire screen estate anyway :slight_smile: you do get to enjoy all that eyecandy though, and another really strong part of BF4, that brutal sound.

I know belsimtek is hard at work redoing the infantry animations for DCS: http://www.belsimtek.com/upload/docs/development-tasks.pdf ( page 4 ) so maybe you’ll get launched of a carrier like that in DCS as well, some day soon.

Yep, it wasn’t Shakespeare for sure, but the visuals were great. BF single player campaigns are usually what Michael Mann’s 6 six year old son would script in terms of realism, but the booms and graphics make for a nice dramatic playpit. :smile: