Oh..hello there...(Harrier first impressions..)


I spent some time on the Iron Gator. Ruined quite a few “XO’s Happy Hour”…


Personnel* Qualification Standard.
3M = Maintenance and Material Management

Also @Hangar200, I’m sure the First Lieutenant would want to have a chat with Beach, for the damage he did to the nonskid on the flight deck. He may be helping the BM’s needle gun that for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, the XO would be screaming “get hot, you’re DINQ, Nub!”



[Note: This post is best read with this playing n the background.]

@Navynuke99, no kidding shipmate…UNODIR, at least a couple of days of days…they’d want the flight deck squared away for the holy helo on Sunday.

Regardless, the whole evolution of stopping to pull Beach (in this case, aka “Oscar”) out of the drink and then having to rendezvous with the bird farm would put them way behind PIM. (I wonder if they did a Williamson turn to get him.)

And you know that the only rack available would be in the JO Jungle…those Shoes would have him field-daying that space every XO’s Happy Hour.

Plus he’d probably eat them out of sliders…never good to get afoul of the Pork Chop like that.

At least they’d keep Beach out of the main spaces so he won’t have a chance to upset CHENG…never a good idea to upset CHENG…unless you don’t mind cold showers and a hot state room.

Hmmmm…I bet they’d use the chance to get an UNREP with Large-Deck check in the block…when I was the CSG N2 on STENNIS we did that with LAKE CHAMPLAIN during C2X.…I think that qual is good for a year. They could send him over in the boatswain chair. That’s always fun.

I wonder if they’d give him a Concurrent FITREP out of it…he’d be an 1-of-1 EP but, from having sat two O5 Boards in Millington, in “the tank” every little bit helps.

Yes, the above actually does make perfect sense. If anybody, other than Navynuke99, understands it, Bravo Zulu! :sunglasses:


I assume the Navy does this to you so that, even if you are captured and they get you to talk, they wouldnt understand what you are saying…


Um…maybe…never asked. :sunglasses:


Frankly it started out as a joke and kinda escalated. I am sure that at this point everyone is too scared to give up the pretence and admit they’ve got no clue what is being said. Note that Near_Blind answered a question about abbreviation with more of em.


That’s when you create more of your own.

I love that video has the music from Space: Above and Beyond in the background.

Here’s another sailor to English translator (NSFW):


On an unrelated note, I remember there were Harriers in the last battle scene in Independence Day. This means this is all a part of the giant ID4 mod that is obviously being developed in secret, right?


Yes, because when you have Hornets being hopelessly outgunned in A2A combat with alien fighters, an AV-8B NA is what you need to tip the balance.


So I went ahead (sticking with the basics) and tried to do some refueling…with the reminder that the module is in beta or early access or whatever. I have been out of town, so I’m not sure what the status of all this stuff is, and I can’t do a bunch of research, so I don’t really know what the status of the air-to-air refueling modeling is. I think I had read they are talking about doing a KC-130 or something. I also suck at the mission editor, so I just threw in a few refuelers to try. I know the KC-135 isn’t properly set up for probe and drogue, but it was actually the one object I was able to refuel from…probably because the tanker refueler dude was able to fly the boom to the proper spot to hit the refueling area.

I took on about a thousand pounds of fuel, then I got some weird right roll and ended up colliding with the tanker. I’ve now crashed two Harriers…

So I thought maybe I could refuel off the IL-78M…and comms works fine and the drogue goes out, but I’ll be damned if I can hook up to it. I’m fairly not good at it…and having the probe to the left makes it really hard to actually “fly off the tanker” and try to keep a eye on the probe position. I was having a time of it and never did get fuel…

Tried the S-3 with the same result. I could get the probe close, but could never get it to actually snap to the basket. I probably need a couple beers and that will smooth stuff out…


There’s always CAP2 should you need some instant gratification.


Was this using VR Chris?


It wasn’t. I’m gonna give that a whirl right now and see if I can crack the code on this refueling. I know in CAP2 it was surprisingly intuitive…so lemme give it a whirl…


I’m thinking this might be the airplane where VR gives a distinct advantage, what with inflight refueling and hovering.


OK…just tried it for about 10 minutes, and it is definitely easier to keep track of your position, but I still couldn’t get a “lock on” the drogue for some reason. For scientific control purposes…let me try it with the Su-33 to see if it is just my crap flying…


I’m still going with the ‘that Su-33 refueling autopilot mode makes me bad’ so it might not be a fair test. When the Su-33 refuelling arm is out the aircraft has a compulsory ‘fight me!’ mode it goes into. Of course, I am bad at it as well.


Mirage would probably be better. As Frog pointed out, the Su-33 does some squirrelly stuff.

Or you could…


Well, I tried again with the Harrier and the IL-78M and still no joy getting the probe in the basket. I’d try the Mirage but I don’t have it installed in the Early Access version that I’m using the Harrier with (and it won’t install). So I went back to 1.5.x or whatever and had no problem getting the Su-33 in the basket…(well, relatively no problem). But I still think it is user error with the Harrier…but it seems a lot harder. Is there a video of someone successfully doing it?


I think the Harrier is going to be more difficult than the M2000C or SU33 because of the placement of the probe, ie it isn’t in your field of view when you are looking straight ahead.

Maybe @Deacon211 might have some words of wisdom for us on technique?


I have a feeling his answer will include the words peripheral vision. It’s not the probe placement but our limited fov that makes it harder.