Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth

…and found myself at 10k without a fleece cardigan. Human beings just aren’t satisfied with the status quo and that’s what makes life so damn interesting.


A scarf would be a nice touch…cept for that spinning thing behind you.


Considering that is basically just an oversized kite I would definitely not want to attempt to get down from that altitude without any engine power.


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Doesn’t the FAA have something about supplemental oxygen at 10,000’?

My guess is that is why he chose to officially claim to stop his climb at 9,999 feet.


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defiantly pushing the boundaries with a couple of square meters of fabric, some tent poles and a lawn mower engine … respect to you sir :salute:


Must be quite a feeling to be that high up, sitting on a kitchen chair with wings…


Part 91: O2 required for flight crew if flight exceeds 30 mins above 12,500 ft up to and including 14k ft. Required above.

Part 121 and 135: required for flight exceeds 30 min flight 10k-12k. Required above.

Ultralights don’t operate under either of those. Reviewing the FAA’s 24 page advisory circular, which “provides guidance to the operators of ultralight vehicles in the United States”, or Part 103 I don’t find the word oxygen. Looking at Part 103, I think that it’s more of an airspace limitation as to where they are allowed to operate without contacting ATC.

Advisory Circular AC 103-7

Part 103-Ultralight Vehicles

FAA: Handling of Ultralight Vehicles

It seems like there is more regulation of UAVs than ultralights.