OK, So Tell Me About IL-2 Great Battles

Now that Bodenplatte is out and they’re working on Normandy, I’d like to know some details on the game itself. Can anyone tell me what to expect as far as bugs and stuff go, how scalable it is, etc.?

Presume I know nothing about the series, because I don’t. I never played the original Il-2. Ever.

If you like WWII era planes and can live without DCS level clickable cockpits it’s a no brainer. The fm is OK, the immersion in VR is a joy and the damage model is very well done.
Under the hood it has campaigns for all the planes a freely available dynamic campaign generator (freeware) and it is very scalable for various levels of hardware. It also has tank crew as a DLC and flying circus a WW1 addition.
The collectors planes can be bought separately and sales are regular.
The maps are well done and either air to air or ground pounding are easily accessible from a quick mission screen


Its also pretty scalable with quite granular realism options. And about the best VR ever, anywhere.

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