Old Vintage Hardware


Hey there there everyone!
Yep, still me with my super awkward quetions…

Is there maybe anyone with working (or even just barely*) old hardware?
We’re talking mainly C64 era minicomputers, micro computers, consoles etc… electronic stuff, including peripherals.

Just in case.
I’d love to put my hands on stuff that maybe would go thrown away or rot forgotten in a cellar/attic.

*by “Barely” basically it simply doesn’t have to be blown up completely.
As long as it’s the matter of de-soldering chips and/or removing other semi-replaceable parts or cleaning up I can do it. :slight_smile:

PMs are welcome.



I have a box in the attic marked “ancient computer stuff”. In it is a C64, an atari 1024ST and an ancient apple macintosh. There’s also a ton of peripherals and stuff in there.

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Let me see what I’ve got for you after work today.

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Going through my parents estate…I think they have an abacus…and a slide rule…




I would be willing to do the same if @komemiute finds himself overwhelmed with old hardware. :slight_smile:

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NO WAY! Pics or it didn’t happen!



We can share! :smiley:

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I was required to have both a slide rule and a TI LED calculator my freshman year in college. I guess that they didn’t trust calculators in 1976. When I got my PPL in ‘87 my Cessna flight kit came with an E6B. But they allowed digital calculators for the flight planning part of the check ride. Maybe for the written too, but maybe not. They wanted to see if you could read a graph in the POH.

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Still got a full 128D in my basement, but haven’t pulled it out of the boxex in 20 years. Last I recall, the disk drives were kaput.

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Got my soroban (Japanese abacus) on my desk. I do soroban drills daily. Its good for you.






I will put up a round cage in the backyard and @komemiute and @Fridge can duke it out over five rounds for the box. :boxing_glove:



I’m definitely up for watching this!




Well, you all know I’m a guy who can handle his fists pretty good… I’m going to challenge the Canadian Light Heavyweight Campion…



I defer to @komemiute and will look at the stuff he doesn’t want :slight_smile:



Yeah he does look menacing and imposing there don’t he :stuck_out_tongue:



Fearsome is the word you’re looking for! :smiley:

EDIT: Meaning I … fear… …some… people. Many, as a matter of fact.



I was an HP guy. RPN is the way to go. I still have my 11C although it needs batteries. A great calculator for engineers. It had some of the heavy duty numeric methods equations in the firmware.



Yeah, 80’s era HP calculators are legendary for their build quality. I’ve got an HP 12C that I bought in 1984 that still functions perfectly. I can’t remember what decade I last replaced the batteries, but the display is still strong. Were there not emulator app for my phone and iPad, I’d still use it regularly.

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I think the oldest thing we have on the place is an Atari 2600 in the attic somewhere. The joysticks look brand-new.

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