Old Yankee Air Pirate 2 Vietnam movie

I did some cleaning up and found this in my old bookmarks…

This is a movie I made in 2009(!) :flushed:

I used the sim Yankee Air Pilot 2 and some movie editing software. My idea was to give it a real Vietnam Combat pilot movie feel using the right sound track. I admit it’s bit slow edited, but remember the old movies were all a lot slower :innocent:

I think it’s worth watching all the way, it got some nice moments… intro, takeoff, flying the clouds, the bomb run and the return to base. Well… maybe I’m just nostalgic



:slight_smile: Really not bad, especially considering the very limited “artistic support” the game had.

Very nice video, brought back a lot of memories. Now, where is that DCS F-4? :slight_smile:


Excellent soundtrack :+1:

North Vietnam as a DCS map would be spectacular. The Falklands and Marians have great promise, but why no Hanoi, Red River Valley, Hai Phong, Yankee Station, etc really is a mystery.

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An awesome film. I really got into it.

I did a Haiphong circa 1968 for [email protected]…long story but I didn’t do anything with it after I got done. This may inspire me to do something

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Enjoyed the video. :sunglasses:


Any movie or clip with Magic Carpet Ride is a winner…

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Man. That game was so much better before TK hard codes the cloud density and cloud level out…

That was a really cool movie. Me and my son watched it while we were having breakfast.

Made a nice change from watching “tanks crush the cars daddy” so thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Great video - cheers!