Older PC newer Graphics

I have a 2nd PC that I would like to update with a 1070 GPU.
The CPU is a shared memory AMD and was bought in 2013 ( Medion make ).

Steps taken 1. Updated PS to 550W.
2. Altered BIOS ( 2011 AMI - pretty basic ). to PEI
3. Fitted GPU to PCIe slot and connected to PSU
4.Switched on but Blank Screen.
5. Checked 12v+ to GPU - OK.
Still no go, was going to try resetting CMOS by replacing battery but don’t think that’s the problem.
Any ideas Guys.

What is the CPU e.g. A-6 3620 Quad core etc?

Do you have another GPU to try with it, just to see if it boots and narrows down what it could be?

The GPU was ported from my other machine which now has a 2060, so I know the 1060 is good. CPU is an A-8 2800 dont know about cores maybe just single.
I had a reply from someone who said the GPU only works with UEFI but I cant see that being correct. The base connections should bring up a base screen and go through the BIOS.

Not sure if that A8 is on the compatibility list here


Maybe it’s an Athalon 2800?

For non-boots I’d try reseating the RAM and double checking the PSU connections - I’ve had a few mysteries solved by things like that.

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Thanks for the link, dosnt look like it.
I didnt know there are compatibility issues with any cards; if it has a PCIe.
Looks like another M/B ( only has DDR3 -4Gb ) so maybe different ram, old CPU , the list goes on. Think I’ll give it a miss as its only a second computer but thought I would give it a try. I’m a bit of a stickler so I might have another go with the CMOS then abandon ship. Lol.

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Its compatible A8-3820 4-core at 2500 Gh/z. Yay, the plot thickens.

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Think its going to be an easy fix from what I have gathered. 1. Disable AMI graphics in Control Panel. 2. Shut down computer and Insert new GPU. 3. Restart Computer. 4. Install new GPU drivers and reboot…
Thing is what have I gained. AMD A8-1800 Mh/z CPU 4-core. 4GB RAM (which was shared). Now same but with GTX 1060, 3GB. Can the CPU keep up with the GPU.

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Did you get it to work? I know my old PC was definitely not keeping up with my newer GPU on flight sims - the GPU was yawning while the CPU was wheezing at 100%, the poor bugger :sweat_smile:

Only a second PC so can have PDFs open at the same time , so no rush. Just want to know whether its worth it or maybe just sell the 1060. Can see myself doing a shuffle ,buying new stuff for the better PC and moving stuff to upgrade the other, which is 2013 style.

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