Oldest screenshot in your library

So, I’ve kept every screenshot I’ve ever taken on PC. (The early days was all FRAPS, who should get a lifetime achievement award in PC Gaming IMO), Anyway… What is the OLDEST screenshot you have in your library? Not game, screenshot. Mine is: Longbow 2 from Janes Simulations…

Fun Fact: I remember playing this game on a VooDoo 3Dfx graphic card, thinking AMAZING. Also, 1st game I ever multiplayed in. Over a 56k modem. 2 phone lines, 1 for modem/gaming, and 1 used on speaker as a chat device with the other player I was coop-ing with. lol



My oldest “screenshot” is most likely some photo I took of my screen during the DOS days, on an analogue camera. :smiley:

But a proper screenshot… Good question! I’ll see if I can find one.


Outerra: April 14, 2014


It would almost have to be one from the Red Baron days on one of my legacy hard drives.


I’ll have to look in my archives when I get home…might be Janes F15 or LB2…which one came out first :face_with_monocle:


Lb2 I believe… thats the game that got me into Janes sim, then I got the F15, then F/A-18… not sure when FA and another from them came, I went back to those I believe.


This one is more than 11 years old. I am still surprised it survived (together with the others) over the years of upgrading and completely changing the PC :slight_smile:

FSX, 1 February 2010, online session with friends.


Not the oldest but one of the oldest (that is worth sharing) I have on this PC is from March 2009 (time flies!)
ArmA 1 with the Unsung mod (or was is VTE?)

I was already spending more time taking screenshots than actually playing the game :stuck_out_tongue:


2019-10-19. I clean house pretty often


I would have to dig up my old 850MB HDD for that. I think it might have been a screenshot from Microprose F-14 Fleet Defender in pcx format at a whooping resolution of 320x200.


Yeah, I repave windows too often and jump around utilities that take screenshots - I am a bad heritage keeper. :slight_smile:

I checked my Steam screenshots, and this was the first one from October 2011 which much to my dismay is now considered old:

A game called ‘Hard Reset’ according to Steam and it obviously wasn’t very good as I remember nothing about it - I guess I was just playing with the Steam screenshot feature at the time…

Also had this one, which I quite like - say ‘Aaaahh’




Show off. :grin:


Found some in the archives…

Battlefield 2 (2005)

Falcon 4 Allied Force Late 2005

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 (mid 2007)

Not a screenshot, but I sitll have the original DCS: Blackshark install file (and the patch files) from when I bought it on January 15, 2009, just a month or two after it was released. Anyone still playing it online? :grinning:



For real this time. Squad night, WW2 Online, 2002.

Eagle Squadrons roster 15 May 2002

Situation 20 June 2003


I quit playing WWIIOL right around the time they went pay-per-month because I wasn’t getting my mileage out of it.

Best time I had in that was driving a PzIII for like 30 mins to an Allied airfield and then hiding behind some trees and shooting every plane that spawned for takeoff. Lasted like 15 mins before they stopped spawning there. I left before a friendly tank could find me because it was dead there and I wasn’t up for another long drive. :slight_smile:


I had many memorable moments, but one of the best was doing a road recce from Namur toward Dinant in the Hurri, and finding a couple of Opels heading that way to help occupy the town. I began strafing them of course. The trucks pulled off of the road and as I rolled in, I could see all of the little dudes coming out of the trucks scurrying for trees and ditches. I laid waste to the lot of them with .303 in three or four passes and then carried on my way to join up with our boys over the city. Not on my watch! Was fricken’ glorious.

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Ok, the oldest one I could find halfway quickly (in a save folder on my NAS) is a rather boring one from 2008, it shows one of my World of Warcraft characters (a Night Elf druid IIRC) on his battle cat, on a ship somewhere in Azeroth.

But I am pretty sure I can find one from the early 2000s or even from the 1990s if I dig up some older stuff.

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Holy ****!
I found an even older one!
This is a screenshot from Wing Commander Prophecy, taken on Feb 12th, 1998 !!!
I apparently took screenshots of different ships, there are several screenshots in the folder taken in the same year.

MIDWAY~4.BMP (900.1 KB)

EDIT: Damn, BMP is not working. Here is a jpg:


So I’m back home…lesse…looking through my archives…

2009 - Frontlines Fuel of War


Enemy Engaged 2 - 2007

How about 2005 - Falcon AF…

FSX - 2006

Aeroworx B200 - 2005

LOMAC - Black Sea Ops - 2005

Orbiter - 2007


Ship Simulator - 2006

FreeFalcon - 2006


Jane’s USAF - 2007 (was this a SuperPak or something?)

Falcon 4 - 2003 (I have hundreds of these images)…


Flanker 2.51 - 2003 (I have hundreds of these too)…

Jane’s F-15 - 2002


Flaming Cliffs (FC1) - 2006

Longbow 2 - Fallen Crescent - 2003


Jane’s F-18 - 2002

Anyway - I have probably thousands of old images from old SimHQ articles and “mission reports”… I have them all useless archived…