Oleg Tishchenko's long vacation (or how I stopped smuggling manuals and learned to love the USA)

What a hero:


Glad he’s back!

I am really impressed with Mr. Tishchenko’s laconic attitude throughout the ordeal as well as the magnanimous way the company supported him.


I guess I get Olegs reasoning. I didn’t think dealing with such manuals was such a big deal…
Now I know better though.

In fact, I saw someone trying to sell a A-6 manual on a facebook group, a day or two after Oleg received his sentence. So I wrote a warning, with reference to this case.
My post got a :+1: from Oleg… :smile:


Man, I love that guy! Not for what he did or didn’t do. But for his overall positive attitude. The world needs more Olegs and less of the whining, preening, chest-thumping blowhards who seem to capture the most attention these days.


I would agree it was a bit of bad luck. One of those deals where they can choose to prosecute you or not based on the letter of the law.

In this case, really, it was a massive waste of money to have him brought here, given a lawyer, sent back, all that stuff. Lady Justice may be blind, but she sure is high maintenance!


Plus, he’s a great developer. Always a pleasure to talk to him back in the time.

Score one for both him and ED! I am eating a bit of crow but that’s ok. Won’t be the first time. And if I am lucky, it won’t be the last.

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What a fantastic story! Speaks highly of ED and the employees who work for them. I am happy to support a company which treats its workers as family. Just opposite from the way most video games companies treat their developers; mass firings after release, endless crunch and burnout.

Go ED and welcome back Oleg! Now get to work.


They should add an easter egg in the DCS: F-16 manual…
”Not for distribution”


Ah yes, I believe there is a TGP people are waiting to be implemented…

@Troll “US Customers: Flight manual not included.” :sweat_smile:


Very lucky man.

Lucky that sense prevailed? If there was anything sensitive in the F16 flight manual it should never have been publicly available even in the US. I think the whole episode was blown way out of proportion.