Olympus - The DCS Dungeon Master

Continuing the discussion from 2024…and Beyond Speculation?:

I think this deserves its own thread.

Olympus is a graphical user interface which allows injecting and controlling AI controlled units (ground, naval and airborne).

I set up my dedicated server with it and it’s pretty awesome.

With a dedicated game master one could curate amazing experiences for the players.

This tool basically allows the game master to react to what’s going on in the mission. Hence it bypasses the many problems scripting everything has.

From simple things like spawning a tanker and changing the speed and angels on the fly to creating a nice column of ground targets or impromptu enemy ambush CAP. It’s all already there.

Here are some shots from yesterdays tests:

Spawning a tanker for MBot to get some Go juice and included some friends, so he does not feel lonely after I got shot down. You can give commands to AI units like “Refuel at the nearest tanker”.

Busy trying out more tanker options. All units were created with Olympus:

(didn’t manage to complete the conga line - no tanking from a tanker who’s tanking)


Sounds like it is something like this?..

Got to be a real plus for multi-player I’m sure.