One Aircraft a Month

@Bearhedge I dont consider my thread stolen, I consider it Boosted! I’m glad I started this an I like the direction you are taking it into.
I too suffered from the “I dont know what to do” syndrome. Years have gone by and I dont feel very accomplished. But that changed last month. I’m an A-10C newbie (after owning it for years) but at least I can deploy ordenance and defend myself. Startup… I’ll get to that lol.
But back to the program.
Week One Startup and Familiarization.
Week Two One the Range( keep em intrested)
Week Three Nav
Week four Mission Ready!
How does that sound @Bearhedge?


Flying a well made DLC campaign is a fine way to focus on and really learn a machine. Enemy within has made me a fine hog driver, museum relic gave me an intimacy with the MiG-15 that I’ve kept alive with a weekly flight. And the mirage comes with a fine campaign.


@Maico I like it.

Given the core interest group is pretty small (so far), we could do a quick favorite check now and worry about a proper poll later.

So far we’ve got the Harrier, L-39, C101, MiG-21 - what are your takes for March birds, @franze @fearlessfrog @fridge @komemiute?

I’d love to take on the balalaika, the MiG-21. I havent kept current on it, so it be almost like starting from scratch for me. I’m currently flying the MiG-19 sp campaign, and that’s going fairly well, even if the radar is a completely useless piece of excrement.

While I absolutely love the idea I’m afraid that until June I can’t promise any flying time…
I’ve got a TON of things to do and literally every waking minute I am at the PC is drawing or texturing or sketching… :confused:
If I had to pick a plane to learn after June I’d pick the A-10C.



It time for a Poll!!! I vote MiG-21.
I also wanted to say that the A-10C is a very good aircraft to get started in Air to Air refueling ops.

How about:

  1. Start-Up, Takeoff/Pattern/Landing, Familiarization;
  2. On the Range (random selection of weapon types);
  3. Navigation, Formation Flying, Refueling, maybe some weather;
  4. Mission Ready - execute a relatively simple mission;

This could all be done single player or multiplayer. My thoughts on single player formation involve staying in formation with an AI. Refueling would be a ‘stretch goal’ challenge for people who what it.

We could do a poll each month with a random subset of available DCS aircraft to choose from (instead of the entire catalog). Obviously, we wouldn’t be doing this to force and aircraft type that people may not have - but they could just skip that month, choose another on their own and/or rejoin the month after?

I was thinking of the TF-51/P-51 for the first month as it is free but I like the idea of the L-39 or C-101 as I have not spent very much time in them. There are so many to choose from :slight_smile:

The pattern would repeat each month, and aircraft could be put back into the pool in 6 months? Does that sound fair?

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I vote mig 21 :+1:

Sounds good to me mate. I completely forgot about the F86 too, and I can fly the P51 but thats all so that would get my vote for first aircraft. How similar are the varients?

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I have since the A-10 came out required myself to drop or fire 10 each of the weapons the plane can have. That way I always felt I was decent with the plane and weapons system.

Hell my first 2 or 3 flights are slick.


I’d suggest a poll to see what modules are the most common, and then a poll from their on which AC to start with.

If I was going to pick a free bird I’d go with the SU-25, yes it’s a non-clickable cockpit. However the nav system is definitely Russian, and the same with weapons employment. If we move into paid modules, hmm.

For purchased modules, I’d start simple so F-86/F-5/MiG-15. Irons bombs, no CCIP, etc. That would build some good foundation skills while not being a “trainer.” Now I’m good with flying the C-101 or L-39, but I can see where it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

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I would do this, however, I just started the “Viggen Decade”…get back with me in early 2030. :wink:

Seriously, I’m in.


So I don’t even try to think of starting second month airport thread, haha (unless it will be requested to train on particular DCS airport / map each month) :wink:

Thinking I’ll just do the first two in Viggen month… :open_mouth:

This all looks great and I’ll follow along with the ultimate consensus. That said, I think we might set our own pace. There are a couple of jets where I am comfortably past stages 1 & 2 and most of 3 (sans aerial refueling), while there a couple that takes me a week just to get them started (yes, FA-18, I’m talking about you). :slightly_smiling_face:

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These things aren’t mutually exclusive! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It has been done few days before Christmas…
There was also the F85…


Just throwing ideas around still… One way to do it would be to pick a couple of successive aircraft which build on top of each other, i.e. do either Warsaw Pact or Western. Avoid having to make the the brain jump between alt/speed units every 4 weeks. Say TF/P-51 then Sabre then F-5…similar cockpits. Or Yak then L-39 then MiG-21…or something to that note. We probably do need a vote!

I like this. Put the -15 and -19 in between the L-39 and the Balalaika tho :smiley:

I’m good enough at the early MiGs to help instruct those I think.


I’ve spent a lot of time in the yak. I’m fairly proficient in it now. I could definitely help someone learn it.

The rest… not so much. Although the sabre I know back to front as well

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