One on one DCS flight instructions?

Hi. I am brand spanking new to DCS and any kind of flight sims. I have zero seat time and basically dont know jack about how to set up, equip, start, taxi, steer , or fly a flight sim.

I have an x45 and a x52 hotas (w/out pedals) showing up this week, and am willing to purchase more equipment within a reasonable price range. ( for reference the TM WARTHOG HOTAS is out of my price range). Im seriously thinking about getting the x56… No Im gonna get it lol.

I really really really could use some one on one real time flight instructions from some of you guys. I been watching the youtube videos and DAMN you guys are good. Make it look so easy so I figure it cant be impossible to learn. Im a very smart guy I just have no experience.

Ive purchased the FC3 module and downloaded the F-22 mod and some others.

Would anyone be willing to help me or direct me to someone who might?

Thank you for taking the time to read.


Welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:
I’m sure you will find a lot of help here, but make sure you have looked at Chucks guides. They are a fantastic resource for learning DCS modules!

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thank you. i have been looking at them but Im looking for some real time help so I can be corrected or ask ? on the spot.

I see now you have the FC3 module. Great place to start, but no guide :wink:
Lots of DCS multiplayers here. Stand by. :wink:

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Im a visual learner. i can read it a thousand times and not get it but show me once and I got it for life

Welcome @RODEO5150

@Troll beat me to it. First thing I thought of too. The hardest part I’d think is picking which module to learn first. Payware-wise the F-5 comes to mind. Pretty simple to startup and the systems aren’t nearly as complex as the higher-priced ones.


ok thank you

hi @jross. The F-5? You mean aircraft?

Yes. See here:

I see it’s only $30 right now.


Not really much to learn for the FC3 stuff as its no clickable cockpits and just key combinations which you can adjust to suit your own equipment.
The tutorial missions for the SU-25 and Su-27 are pretty good and will help you get up and flying in no time.
If you want to branch out to more complicated modules a bit of reading is almost mandatory but with chucks guides it’s presented in a super easy, clear and helpful way that you can get to grips with clickable cockpits and MFD functions really easily
Depends what you want to get out of the sim really.


ok thank you guys… at the moment im just trying to setup and start aircraft and taxi and take off with out crashing lol

but to be honest I havent tried with a hotas yet… the lesser of the two i have comming shows up tomorrow

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HEY I did it. with an xbox 360 contro,ller I got the SU-25T in the air and back around but crashed the landing. Cant wait till later today when a hotas shows up


its just so hard to know what bindings to setup… theres sooo many. and I dont know what half of them do

:laughing: Not bad!
I’ve never learned how to use console conteollers well enough for flightsim use. I tried some years ago, for use with a laptop, but never got the hang of it. Which is strange, when I think about it, because I have no problems flying RC aircraft which are controlled in more or less the same way.

A good stick makes things easier! More fun too.

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Yeah, that can be daunting at first.
Go slow and aim for gradual progress. Learn to fly the aicraft first. I guess you’re using a keyboard for landing gear, flaps and such?
How do you control your view? Do you have TrackIR or do you use a hat switch on the stick?

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see thats just it… im not really cuz I dont know how to map it correctly so im not just slewing out of control and looking over my shoulder ands canrt get it back. and mapping again is the problem with learning how to fly cuz just now my rudders kept rolling me over and pitch kept climbing. I dont know how to use them I guess

ya I can see how a hotas is gonna make alot of difference

i need to get Track IR

TrackIR is a great tool for flightsimming. There are some cheaper options, using a webcam, that you can try too.

Here’s a guide on how to set up the controls in DCS.

And here’s a video about it too.