Onward – Mudspike Tacticians

I just picked up Onward on sale for $17 CDN and man am I stoked about this game. @ground-ops … whovever has a Rift or Vive, GET IT!

My only complaint so far is the crouching is a bit hard on the old knees. You do not sit down while playing this game. :slight_smile:


And with that…Linebacker was never seen above his floor again…

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I thought you’d love that. You’ll be getting a third sensor and crafting rifle stocks out of PVC pipes next - plus don’t forget the tactical op knee protectors. :slight_smile:

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Buy a Yoga mat, seriously…

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When Onward came out last year I joked that I’d have a mattress set up for when I have to dive for cover. :smiley:

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You know me too well @fearlessfrog. Of course, if I would use the knee protectors, I’d have to set up some sort of geriatric bars to get myself back up. :slight_smile: I can still manage semi-aggressive crouching though.

As for foregrips, pistols are a no brainer and very natural feeling with the Rift controllers. Rifles on the other hand … a physical stock would be good but I find that I can rest my trigger hand/controller on the inside forearm of my fore grip hand for better stability.

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I haven’t looked at this for a long time (and can’t say if it’s a good fit with Touch as yet) but keep forgetting to give you this as a link you might like it @Linebacker now you’re on the VR darkside :

I know it sounds dumb, but the modelling of lots of popular weaponry is meant to be really well done. Could be a fun VR time.

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I’m not on the “VR darkside” and I wouldn’t recommend current gen VR to anyone.

I was just saying that if any @ground-ops guys already own VR sets, GET ONWARD! :slight_smile:

I’m not getting on my knees for anybody.


Oh, in your case saghen …

Problem number one with multiplayer Onward … steaming up my damn goggle lenses! Anyone have a good anti-fog spray recommendation? I remember I used to have one for my hockey visor when I played hockey.

Hold your breath.

I’m not breathing hard at all. The heat coming off my forehead literally gets trapped in the goggles and steams the lenses up.

You might still have a point though … I think I should stay away from PvP and just stick to co-op.

Last night one of the guys I was playing against admitted he was 800 hours into Onward. He then pulled a “saghen” on me in game :smiley:

Anyone still interested in this? Picked it up recently, lots of fun. Better with friends.