Open Beta

If you’re hoping to fly the tomcat on Wednesday, and you haven’t done so already, I would recommend getting the open beta version up and running.


If you are not, I’m sure that there is a knitting forum to hold your interest.


Good call on a PSA. I’m kind of surprised ED/Heatblur haven’t done one themselves, considering past releases…

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I think that

  1. They feel like at this point they have explained the concept of Open Beta enough times and rolled years worth of new modules out the same way that people should know what to expect, and
  2. No matter what anybody does or posts there will be a vocal group of purchasers who are mad that it is in the Open Beta branch and will act like it is the first time they have ever encountered it despite years of release evidence to the contrary.

I know because I complained once about it for a module I can’t remember which and was set straight by others who were like - “Dude, its been that way forever” - After that I stopped tilting at windmills and yelling at the kids on my lawn and figured it out. But you can be sure there will be others on Wednesday.


I know, I guess if it was me I would put it in writing next to the buy button or something anyway so when it inevitably happens, I can at least say they had fair warning.

Obligatory head-nod to @SkateZilla’s nice front-end for this:

If you’re command-line friendly then (a) wash your hair and (b) you can use this from the Windows command prompt (run CMD):

 \Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe update @openbeta

…and it’ll just do the delta differences between what you have and what you need. You can use this to go back:

 \Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe update @release

Hey! I resent that remark! It is a Basket Weaving forum gosh darn-it! Much more manly! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



As the leader of the vocal group of purchasers, I’d like to remind the group that our next meeting is on Tuesday and it is a pot luck, so casseroles or salads please…and somebody needs to bring a “Viggen Friendly” dish for @Troll. :wink:

EDIT: Removed the rest. I was beating a dead horse and decided to stop…I’ll save it for my keynote address at the next vocal purchaser meeting. :astonished: :wink: :slightly_smiling_face: