Open Ear Headphones - Recommendations?

So I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t deal with closed back earphones since my surgery. I’ve been looking over what seems to be the popular Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones but from what I reading I may need a DAC and a mic.

Curious if anyone has tried them?

I have the Sennhaiser game one!
Great headphones :headphones:
I’m not an audiophile so don’t judge the sound (no complains here) but design and comfort is excellent!
Your ears aren’t boiling after a long gaming session like in the closed ones!
Hated them because i had a super noisy PC!
If you need to hear ambient is a plus - if noisy place a down!
Now that i have a water cooled pc i have the VR and haven’t used them anymore!

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