Open House at GHRVPK Denmark 2023

It is time for Open House at GHRVPK again. This year it will be on Saturday 13/5-2023.

GHRVPK = The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union

It is possible to see all and crawl around on and in most of our vehicles.

There will be a combat demo.

It will also be possible to try the Steel Beasts Pro PE sim in our Leopard 1A3 trainer turret with a genuine Leopard 1A5-DK1 gunners grip.

It has been moved to a new lokation and the PC has been further updated, so we can now run with SB Pro PE 4.379. (Old picture)

A little of what we have:

Our webpage with directions and pictures and information about our vehicles. (In Danish)

The turret sim:

I You plan on attending and are going by public transportation, I would suggest that you mention it here. It may be possible to arrange pickup from the station. It is a fairly long walk from the closest busstop and they are not going to often in the weekends.


That would be a very nostalgic day out for me.

Every vehicle in those photos (including the Land Rovers) was also in service for the Australian Army… Although we put a Scorpion turret on our 113’s:


@DanTDBV would there be any issue with me coming across from the UK with my 6 year old son and attending?

Its a doable trip if we fly in Saturday morning and leave sunday morning

Any advice on airport or hotels nearby. It would be very nice to meet you as well.

I showed my son the pictures and the words “combat demo” and hes up for it

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I would love to meet you both.

You are very much welcome.

There would be no issues for you and your son as it is a public event. It is open from 09:00 to 16:00.

CPH Copenhagen Airport is the only possibility.
Unless you rent a car you will be dependant upon public rail transportation to get to Næstved from the airport and then a taxi to Skyttemarksvej 192 4700 Næstved where the event is happening. The taxi from the station to the event will be about 26 euro alone. A oneway ticket with the train for both of you would be about 23 euro.

Knowing how you feel about trains it would probably be best to rent a car. :sunglasses:

According to it is possible to rent a car at CPH airport for 2 days from 13,43 euro and up.

I don’t know about any hotels or any other resting places nearby. But PM will be sent.

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I forgot to mention, that there will probably be rides in M113 tracked and Piranha IIIC wheeled APC’s

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Unless he’s flying there himself…? Planning on doing that, @Victork2?

Haha no, it will be an orange easy jet for me,

I’m working out logistics as we speak.


Would’ve been a nice trip though! A bit scary over the channel, perhaps…


In the planes i fly, it would be the equivalent of planning a trip to mars


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