OpenXR Toolkit

This is the former OpenXR NIS scaler VR tool (so really just MSFS so far), but now re-written by the same author with some fancy new features that do more than just scaling:

If you have the previous version then uninstall it first. For those that like video instructions that take longer:

The new things include both FSR and NIS scaling, an in-VR console for viewing frame rates and modes, a World Scale for fixing those cockpits that feel a bit too large or small and some others stuff including hand tracking. Full info here: Features | OpenXR Toolkit and

There’s a Discord server as well if you want another one to mute.


Seems good. I would have liked the option to make changes outside of the sim though (like with the previous version of the scalar). FSR and NIS seem to be very different animals when it comes to adding the sharpening. With NIS I used the default 50% but with FSR I cranked it up to 100%…

I know what you mean. It is good that you can see the results as you apply them. I think the only setting when using this that needs a VR restart (where you just need to Ctl+Tab out and then in again, you don’t need to restart WMR or the sim) is changing between NIS and FSR - everything else is dynamic and on the fly.

I think FSR looks more natural but NIS provides a sharper clarity just in the cockpit for me, at the cost of making the outside look a bit too aliased.

I guess it really is a case of dialing it down to a compromise that works best for you…

After some more playing, I set the upscaling to 70% and the sharpening to 60% with FSR and I really like the results…it seems to be running a little smoother than with NIS too.

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There’s talk of it getting some preset save slots, which will be nice. I am finding FSR nicer for VFR and analog dials and needing NIS and super sharp values for the digital displays of the airliners (CRJ and A320). I haven’t played around with the World Scale yet, as the size of the cockpits didn’t really bother me, but I think the ‘Save Slots’ could be about that too.

That would be a great addition to the app. One airplane that has a problem with the scaling of the cockpit is the BD5 by AzurPoly… I’ll have to give the world scaling a try with that one.

So, the world scaling works for the cockpits, but it affects everything outside too. With the BD5 it made all the line service guys look about 3 ft tall… :rofl: Probably a feature that I won’t be using but it was worth a try.

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Beta #3 (1.0.1) is out.

Among other things, this beta boosts also contrast / brightness / saturation adjustments and fixed foveated rendering.

v1.1 coming out soon

@Troll, perhaps something for ya?

  • Add support for Foveated Rendering with eye tracking (sometimes called ETFR or DFR) on Varjo devices, HP G2 Omnicept, and Pimax devices with extension modules.

Definitely! But it will probably be 1.2 before I have time to check it out… :slight_smile: Spent the entire easter holiday moving to our new house and racing to get our old house ready for the new owners.

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