Operation Harsh Doorstop 1st look video

Operation Harsh Doorstop 1st look. New early access tactical shooter released via Steam. Free to play. Covers the training area, single player operations, and some multiplayer action. Alot of great potential in this one, centered more on Mods and MP.

OP Harsh Doorstop 1st Look - YouTube

Seems interesting, but not currently compelling enough to give it a try. There are a lot of these incomplete shooters out there.

Right now I’m waiting on Ready or Not getting its AI into a better state (Spetznatz meth heads are hard to justify).

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I enjoyed tinkering with the demo and considering picking this up

Nice home defense weapon Mags. Mine? a 10/22 ruger lol. So ya. I may have seen your weapon in a pic you posted here at Mud, but could be wrong

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Thx, no weapon pics posted here, figured it’s a sensitive subject, but all over my Twitter. I retired 5 years ago with 3 handguns and 2 rifles, well over 50 now. lol

I like comparing the weapon platforms I have IRL to the ones in games.

This is a free to play game so worth trying out.

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Yes, it may have been incidental
I enjoy your comparisons so keep 'em coming