Opinions on new PC spec needed, please :)

I may be able to get a new PC but on a limited budget (£600 max) but I’m guessing it’ll be better than I have now (for comparison: i7 920 OC 3.2Ghz, RX570 8Gb, 16Gb RAM, 1Tb SSD, 1Tb HDD, Win 10) although I would change the RX570 over and add another 8Gb RAM for around £40.

This is the first one I’ve seen, and would welcome any comments:


  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 3.6GHz
  • Boost up to 4GHz
  • 4 Cores
  • Vega 8 Graphics


  • 8GB Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz (1x8GB) ---------- I will add another 8Gb stick
  • 2 x DIMM Slot


  • 120GB Gigabyte SSD
  • 1TB BarraCuda ------------------ I’ll add my 1Tb SSD too.


  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home


  • MSI GTX 1050 Ti Aero ITX 4GB ------------------ replace with my RX570 8Gb

Power Supply

  • 450W Corsair VS ---------------- my only concern with adding the RX570 and SSD, I currently have a 650W PSU…

This is £559 and then with another 8Gb RAM stick added it will take it up to my budget. Thoughts please? :slight_smile:

What are you hoping to improve on particularly? Is that for gaming like DCS?

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Yeah, for DCS as a main sim and iL2 etc. Also for other non sim games too.

If you are currently running the OS and games on an SSD and you are using the exact same GPU in the newer system and same amount of RAM then I would be at a loss to say if you would actually see any improvement at all.

If you do it would be small and from the CPU side I would estimate…usually a better GPU is where you need to be looking at.

I have a 12 year old CPU though, 1st gen i7, which is bottlenecking my system along with a similarly aged motherboard which slows the SSD down and slower RAM. I’ve read the Ryzen 3 3200G is a good CPU so with the RX570 it would be a good balance? Throw in more, faster RAM and running from an SSD on a modern mobo it’s going to give me a boost? In DCS right now I can run it on medium to high settings (mixed) and in a training mission or small mission I can get good framerate (between 45 and 60) but when going online and in complicated missions it can go down to single figures. My understanding is that the CPU is the cause of this as it handles the AI routines, so a better CPU will give me better results. Unless I have this wrong?

Seems you‘re planing to buy a couple of components that you do not need.

Have you considered buying used, and just the parts you actually need? Can you re-use the old case?

What if you just get a mainboard with a B450 chipset, a Ryzen 3600x CPu and 24 gb ram?


It’s prebuilt. I’ve built PC’s in the past but cannot be bothered to be doing it now. I know it’s better to but… So I’d buy a prebuilt one.

Yes your CPU is old…and that would not change what I had said by you not seeing a large difference in performance so don’t get your hopes up.

The main reason to upgrade for you here would be to get a newer mainboard that supports newer standards (PCI, RAM etc etc) and so you can look to upgrade the GPU later.

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It‘s not necessarily better or cheaper to build a system from parts, so I fully understand your decision.

If you do not push high resolutions or maxed out settings the GPU will probably do okay. So Migbuster is right.

Unfortunately you might not be able to re-use your old RAM sticks. A modern CPU/Mainboard combo will require a new generation of (faster) RAM.

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On the powersupply: Corsair is a solid brand for a PSU, so 450 Watt is probably fine. People tend to exaggerate (both consumers and wannabe hardware companies). As long as you do not plan to plug a lot of additional devices into this PC, it should be enough.

I‘ve been running an Intel 4690k CPU and an AMD x570 GPU with a noname 500 Watt PSU. It worked.

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For a simple way to estimate:


I wouldn’t transfer the old ram, I would buy a second 8gb stick. But it sounds like it’s not viable anyway, but thanks.

Not really an amd guy , so take this with a grain (or two) of salt , but …

From my perusals , it seems that pc parts in British pounds are roughly equal to what we pay in U.S. dollars across the pond . Assuming this is correct :
Tomahawk b450 ~ $100
3600 ~ $175
32gb memory~ $160 ( be careful specifying with amd)
Windows key ~ $5
Total ~ $440 or £
Re-use your case , power supply , storage , and gpu , or replace/upgrade above within your budget .
Now you’re rockin …at 1080p , with enough cpu to handle the object count and ai (as well as more cores for the inevitable multithreading to come) , and enough memory to handle multiplayer .
Bite the bullet and build it yourself . I just built my first , and i am an idiot . It was hard to hit the power switch the first time though :slight_smile:
One thing that makes it easier than in the old days is no motherboard jumpers . Mount everything , cable up , boot from a previously-made Windows Media Creator usb stick from your old pc and you’re off to the races . The bios is much easier to deal with as well .
We have several pc guys on the DCS forum that can help if you get stuck .
Replace the power supply when finances allow .

One caveat , most multiplayers use DCS beta , and 2.56 is a mess right now regardless of system .

I have zero understanding of electronics. Nil. Yet still, I decided to build my own PC…and it wasn’t hard. It’s like building an easy kit of lego, quite literally. I warmly recommend giving it a go - a couple evenings of YouTube tutorials while the parts are being shipped and you will know exactly what to do. :slightly_smiling_face: I know it’s not everyone’s gig but it truly is easy.

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My only thought against is the money spent on components you won’t use you could put towards superior components.

However, if the prebuilt is selling below the sum of it’s components - that can be worth doing, even more so if you can manage to sell the excess pieces to recoup more savings - then perhaps jump to 32GB of RAM for example.

I think it might be the best you can get for your budget.

However I think it maybe a waste of money since you aren’t using everything. I understand you don’t want to build a pc. I just replaced my oldest sons mother board and cpu for under $300 and lost about 2 hours of my day doing so.

One thing to try is see if you can costom build a pc and only add what you need. That might be cheaper too.