Opinions on rFactor 2?

Looks like it is on sale for 50% off ($15.99) and was wondering if it is easier to set up multiplayer events with it? Sort of like our Mudspike Country Club, might be fun to have occasionally scheduled races. Opinions on VR integration?

A Mudspike car club? Sounds like fun.

I did some racing last year autumn in rFactor 2. The race track auto downloaded and it was very easy to get into multiplayer. But I don’t know how tough it is to setup the server for that.

I have no experience with VR in rFactor 2.

I think @guod would be the best one to answer that question. He’s had loads of experience with setting up rf2 races.

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does project cars 2 support club racing? I think a few on here have that as well.

Yeah…that was what I was wondering. If we could have some sort of events like our golf. I don’t know about getting us all together at the same time though…that is always tough with the international scope of the time zones. But maybe a few events a year and it would be cool if they had some sort of events where you could time trial or something. Maybe even dirt rally type events. I’m not too up to date on racing stuff and not sure how the club type features work.

Maybe we can join the SimHQ Motorsports type stuff…seems like they would already have the lay of the land…

Looks like they don’t really host events anymore…they are fielding at team to drive at other hosted events:

“Now SimHQ Motorsports is changing just as the sim racing community has changed. We are going to focus efforts on entering and competing in major sim racing series instead of hosting events and adding yet another new racing series. We will be joining – and fully supporting – those sites which already have well-known sim racing events and series.”

Yeah, they’ve pretty much morphed from the casual events when I started with them a decade ago to a racing sim-only group that is super cereal about it.

The time I have for racing is about 30 min practice, 30 min qual, 60 min race, MAX. In one sitting, one time per week. Anything that requires more time than that, I’m out.

I quit SHQ racing when they started spending hours all week long practicing and changing setups. I don’t care for that, it’s all voodoo magic messing with those setups to me, I’m best cold. Gimme a default setup, 30 mins to learn the track layout, and I’m good. As soon as that amount of time was insufficient to be competitive, I moved on.

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As much as I like rFactor 2 (most enjoyable indycars with tracks to match) them now wanting to sell you everything individually has been a turn off with it for me. Although seems to mostly be limited to GT3 cars.

It is excellent to drive in the game though.

You mean like all the 3rd party addon’s we buy for X-Plane, or new modules for DCS? :wink:

But neither of those sold me a pass for multiplayer only to end that a month after i spent my money on it :stuck_out_tongue: but tbf, i knew they worked that way going in, not having it change after the fact

Well, when rf2 came out, I bought the lifetime subscription. I thought it was for multiplayer and game add-ons. Either I misunderstood or ISI straight up did away with that when they gave development to the Dutch studio. After giving development to that studio, we have all kinds of paid DLC. Doesn’t sit well with me, but anyhoo.

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I guess while players are willing to support that business model, they have a market. It’s still a lot cheaper I’m sure than what we used to pay back in the “good old days”… $2 an hour for iEN’s Warbirds back in the late 90’s IIRC. I used to play for far too many hours each month. Making it to the ranks of the Warbirds Trainers was a big deal back then as you were given a free account.

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Indeed, I’m not opposed to such business model’s, it’s just slightly different when like @saghen said, it was originally sold a different way and you buy it then, with the expectations that well that’s the way it was going to be, since they would happily sell you a lifetime anything. But why not to ever buy a lifetime sub to anything in gaming is something for another thread :joy:

Changing the business model is ok IMHO so long as they grandfather in those that subscribed to the previous arrangement. If you pay for unlimited multiplayer access, then that is what you should get.


Starting to sound a little like Project CARS 2 might be a little better fit. I’m like @JediMaster, I simply do not have the necessary time to devote to being super-serious about multiplayer gaming (or much of any other form of gaming, if I’m being honest), so casual stuff works a lot better for me.

There’s also Forza 7, but that might be a little too casual for some.


Never played Forza in MP, just offline on my old X360, so I’m not sure how it would work either.

If it was like PCars 2, that would be fine…although you could just play Pcars 2 in that case. :slight_smile:

As for paying to play online, never done it. Not in the 90s with Air Warrior, not in the 00s when WWII Online came along, not for iRacing, not for any MMO. I didn’t even pay for Xbox Live when I was using my 360, I’m just not going to pay to play any game online after I buy it.
I don’t play any so-called F2P games, either, because they tend to be solely MP-focused and I don’t play those games.

Imagine telling your parents when they took down Monopoly on game night that even though they’d bought the game you had to pay for every hour the game took, every time you played. Kinda get the feeling that game would’ve gone right back on the shelf, or into the trash.

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I’d be up for PCars2 with fixed setups. Of course I’m probably the oldest guy here, with sloth-like reflexes, bad eyesight, and one leg shorter than the other. Take it easy on me fellas.


I got you beat. I can only see out of one eye!



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