ORBX 2019 road map...

Huge post with lots of cool stuff in it. Really excited for the X-Plane content…! (My wallet is not!)

ORBX Global looks interesting…but honestly I’m not sure how it will compete with Ortho…

In subsequent comments, John Venema (ORBX CEO) does reply to an observation with the following with regards to a criticism about there not being enough X-Plane content:

“150 airports still to port across and TrueEarth regions all down the west coast of the USA and some more in Europe…”

So it sounds like we are probably going to get a lot of those ORBX airports from P3D over to X-Plane. Painful for the wallet indeed…


And here might be more information as it summarizes some of the above and includes comments made in an ORBX live stream:



Thanks for highlighting this. I think there is much to look forward to.

I invested heavily in FSX ORBX DVDs when that was the only way to get the scenery. After going toFTX Central, the “promise” of being able to automatically patch the DVD versions purchased at vendors other than The Flightsim Store, has not materialized (to put it mildly…they will happily allow you to repurchase the online versions…no thanks).

If (OK, when) I go to X-Plane 11, I do not think I will patronize ORBX for my enhanced scenery, especially if there are other options on the market.

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I think I’m going to need a bigger SSD just for X-Plane. That might prompt me to just upgrade the entire system as there is no room for an additional drive in my compact case. 2019 isn’t going to be a cheap year it seems!

I’m so thoroughly impressed with the X-Plane offerings from OrbX so far. The UK scenery they have put out these past few months have been truly amazing. Just my luck that they will be doing the PNW next, which is a favorite area of mine to fly around. If they then move on to New Zealand, I’ll be broke.

Very cool! It would seem that at least half of my “things that need to happen to get me into Xplane” list is going happen. Now I just need A2A to announce they are going to develope for Xplane…

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