ORBX is the way to shop

I like to give credit where credit is due - and I must say that ORBX have 100% nailed making the consumer end of shopping at their store perfect (IMHO). I’ve been installing ORBX products for many years, and have watched the company grow and evolve their store, and I really think their FTX Central and online store are superb.

They currently have a 50% off sale going for most of their products. I’m sort of tapped out on purchases, but I did pick up Meigs Field for Aerofly FS2 - just too much nostalgia value there to not have it. What is really nice about the ORBX buying experience is that you just log-in, select what you want, go to check out and they have a really nice two-factor authentication that sends a text code to your phone, enter that and you are done (if you’ve stored CC information with them - I know some people don’t like to do that). Open FTX Central and it downloads and installs.

FTX Central keeps things up to date, which is another really nice feature. I rarely get updates from most third party scenery developers - I would have to actively seek out any changes they’ve made to their scenery.

Anyway - ORBX gets the BeachAV8R :+1: for having a nice online storefront.


I have to second this - and their Australian scenery is really very good!

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Why is there always a sale everytime I become unemployed :joy:

Murphy. Its him again. Following me around. Next time it goes on sale I WILL buy the UK scenery! And not another dcs module…


I would agree 100% except for one minor annoyance. To add scenery that you purchased as DVDs from a vendor other than The FlghtSim Store.com into your FTX Central account there is an additional cost…meaning that you cannot automatically update those titles…I’ve got something like 14 sceneries I cannot automatically update. :slightly_frowning_face: