Origin Access Subscription Plan

EA is bringing to PC what they offered to consoles for a while now - a monthly subscription fee ‘all you can eat’ type deal. You get access to the ‘vault’, some nicer demo rules (new titles that you can try out for longer) plus some discounts.

In the world of extreme sales that the PC market has floated down to, it’ll be interesting if many bite. One way to think about it is that if you were going to spend $50 on an Origin/EA title, then maybe this might be worth a shot instead?

Like the console plan, the success of this will live or die by how good the games are in the ‘vault’. Here’s the current line up (note it’s country specific, and that’s en-us):

Not that tempted so far. It might work as EA does release new titles periodically (stares at Valve) and being able to price/control your own catalogue is vital for this to work. Ironically I would pay a $5 month sub for a ‘All DCS’ or ‘All Carendo X-Plane’ type deal, but there might not be enough of us for that to work.