Ortho4xp problem with water at any airport I ortho

For some reason I’m all of a sudden getting water around runways whenever I make a tile area at any airport that has no water…for example Phoenix. Any area that I create has water. Things were working fine before today…I dont know what’s happened. Also, today this message keeps coming up “presumably a missed cache or non existent data uncheck check against white textures”. I tried arc, usa2, g2xpl and they all come up with this message. So I uncheck it, and it proceeds, but the end result is water around the airports I try to ortho. Any suggestions please?

You have the base layer i.e. North America installed with the X Plane installer?

Yes, I have all the world. I have about 10 cities that I ortho’d and they work fine. Now all of a sudden today, every area that I tried to ortho today has water all around.

Hmm, not sure. Ideas:

  • Check your scenery_packs.ini layers order, as maybe something got reordered?

  • Are the tiles you are making ok? Bing etc periodically ban IPs that request too much data. Trying flipping map provider as a test to see if that’s it?

Thanks for answering. I checked my ini file and it’s ok. Each tile that I make I make sure it’s at the bottom of the list. Yes, I tried different providers…arc, usa2, g2xpl. I’m stumped with problem.