Congrats @smokinhole. Living the dream!


Jealooous. I haven’t been back since '15.


I’m going there, one day…
Enjoy and post pics/vids please!


Mudspike flag near the Pitts and we have a mass meet up!!


I have great memories of getting my face severely sunburned at Oshkosh…

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Yours? :dizzy_face:

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Haven’t been up there since 2011. Have fun for those of us that can’t make it lol

Looks like a BEAUTIFUL week of weather this year.

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I brought a KingAir here in ‘92 and remember nearly nothing but landing the thing behind a Staggerwing. The arrival this time was a beeyatch. I had to divert to Portage once and came within a whisker of doing so again. I have a new “family” at the Cajun Condo (not sure what the call themselves that). It’s a group of Vintage guys who always camp under the same tree in the treeline in the Vintage area across from Theater in the Woods. I’ve now got friends everywhere. It’s total heaven. Not one a$$ yet. You’re either a brother or a best friend to all strangers, full stop. That may change today when the gates open and the show begins.

I have two reasons to be here: 1) to meet “Artun”, a no-longer-kid who we at IRFC played Rise Of Flight with starting when he was 10. I’ve never met a sim friend before. The other reason I am here is to see if I can fit in the Mosquito pictured above. At 6’4” I can! But only because according to the guy I talked to, I have a “funny shape”. Yeah, true. Lotsa leg. Not much else. The Mosquito folks hired a kid to make a simpit with X-Plane and Oculus. He did a great job and it’s fun. But @Troll would have done much better.


There are worse views to enjoy with one’s first cup…


Got to love a helicopter where your first flight is also your first solo flight…! :sunglasses:

Can’t be worse than the Pitts!

More goodness…

That A400 is YUUUGE! For 20 years I’ve been reading about that plane and the drama surrounding its design and testing and thought, “What’s the point? The C130 is proven American goodness!” No man! That’s a different sort of beast entirely.

Warbirds? you ask. They are a mile away. I walked there once and just wasn’t feeling it. Somehow being among my GA brothers and sisters makes me feel a kinship with them and a numb distance from planes I would normally drool over.


The Spartan… pure beauty…

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Looks like great way to camp smokinhole. Imagine camp like this somewhere in the hills just with bush planes only.

And how about the helos? Does people in US fly private helos to Oshkosh also? Or its more rare as one would expect!?

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Gonna go out to the sea plane base? That was one of my favorite spots up there.

When I was there for the first time about a decade ago, I went with my father-inlaw, who was in his mid eighties. He was an engineer whom had worked at North American in his early 20s. We were strolling around early on our first day. I told him as I saw the vintage parking area for the first time, “I have never seen a staggerwing Beech in the flesh. My god, there is what looks like a whole field of them! Stinsons and WACOs too!”


Awesome!! I haven’t been there since I rode my Harley there the year this happened…man I felt terrible for this guy…knowing his F-16 Airshow Career was most probably over and done with :disappointed_relieved:

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There are a couple of private Rotorways here along with a bunch gyros. I’ve been told that the helicopter turnout has been higher in the past. They nearly always trailer in as opposed to fly.

The Mosquito XET looks and sounds absolutely amazing! The ultimate expression of I earned it sucker and he or she who dies with the most toys wins philosophy.(1)

If you decide to buy one, I’d like to lobby for receiving the coveted Bad Influencer badge, hereto before now only awarded to @PaulRix I believe.

(1) No, that would be the dude who owns two Harriers.

I spent some time with RotorX (formerly Rotorway). They were pretty convincing. It’s more $$ but cheaper than ever for the type. The company’s history is a serious mixed bag. Long-standing doubt surrounding parts and support seems baked into the price. I will probably leave here still in a paralisis of indecision.

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