Ouch ! Voodoode trashes Vive Pro 2 on YouTube

It was ugly . (Sigh) And the clock is ticking on my RiftS .

This one?

This was the first video I’ve watched by this guy… He compares the horizontal FoV with the G2, that he claims has…78° HFOV…? I need to watch his G2 review to understand how on earth he came up with that number. :thinking:

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The G2 FOV (and the cable issues) is what’s left me waiting to purchase. I do recall comments that the default face gasket, while I guess comfy, tends to push the lenses away and thus decrease the visible FOV. Other than that my impression is it is similar to my Odyssey+ FOV, which I can live with.

2D is so 1980’s :grin:

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Yeah . Between the (continuing) cable issues , and WMR , I am trying to avoid the G2 , thus i had high hopes for the Pro2 . Would have been nice to have a greater FOV as well . Not much of a sense of speed in DCS wiith my S , and previously CV1 .
So it looks like my options are the same as before . G2 or Index .

My point is that it’s a lot more than 78°. I went from the Rift S to the G2 and IMO the G2 has a wider FoV.


Yeah, even my G1 has a better FOV than my O+.

Reverb has been fantastic for flight and driving sims, the clarity is fantastic. For general leaping around VR or heavy hand controller usage, probably the Index is worth the extra IMHO. I mainly sit down though. :leg:

This review seems to have generated some controversy on which settings he used, so as for anything Youtubey, worth waiting for more reviews and opinions.

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Good to hear. When manufacturers give me numbers I’m suspicious, straight from the horses’ mouth is much better. Thanks all.


Yep, very happy with the Reverb, but remember the golden rule of VR - ‘Make sure you can send it back, always’ :slight_smile:


@Dburne has pre-ordered the Pro2 . Looking forward to his review . I only use VR for DCS , so his insights will be especially helpful .


The only real advice one can give, really… :slight_smile:

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If Dburne has a Reverb to compare it to then that sounds ideal. The only way to see if it works for you is to try it on what you play I think. The spec sheet on the Vive 2 show a really good resolution for sims:

2448 × 2448 pixels per eye (4896 x 2448 pixels combined) - VIVE Pro 2 Specs | VIVE United States

…vs the Reverb’s 2160 x 2160 per eye. The SteamVR tracking and software would be good too.

He has the Reverb G2 , and an Index , so we should get some great comparative info…

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