Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...



Try returning the old one in a Rift box…


You guys are really making it hard not to try one of these even though I have not been a HUGE user of my Rift since I got it in DCS.


If you guys own SkyrimVR make sure you try it in the O+, I found the res bump really added to the immersion for that game.


Plus so many good VR mods for it as well. This True 3D sound one works so well in VR:


So one interesting anecdata point :slight_smile: is that as I pack up Mr Old Samsung Odyssey + to return tonight, I’ve noticed that the foam in the headband and rearband (?) is actually a bit softer in places. Like it is breaking down a bit in terms of stiffness as I wore it.

I wonder if it just starts more uncomfortable and gets a bit better over time as the cushion foams becomes more molded and softer? Hmm, I’ll find out tonight as I pick up Mr New for a direct comparison…


Yeah, I feel like mine has gotten more comfortable, but I also wonder if maybe that I’ve just figured out the best way to put it on quickly, and my head is adapting to it rather than it to me…LOL…


Wow, I would have been ok today not seeing that @BeachAV8R. :slight_smile:

Ok, one more tip as I’ve found the IPD setting pretty odd. On the Rift you get the ‘green crosses’ to calibrate the distance between the eyes wheel slide, but on the O+ they just display the gap as millimeters (don’t be scared USA friends, it represents two hogsheads to the furlong).

The trouble is with that that is (a) I swear the slider output is wrong, as in it under measures quite a bit and (b) optimists usually give the distance from the nose between each eye, rather than a single figure. This is because only truly beautiful people are exactly symmetrical :crazy_face: and the adjustment is looking for a single figure.

I’ve found that if you follow your exact IPD as a single figure and set it on the O+ then things set to far focus (like the mountains in DCS) will look out of focus. You’ll get used to it, but may get headaches etc.

The best way of calibrating IPD properly on the O+ I have found is to go to the Cliff House, go stare at a star or the moon in the sky (because that’s set to infinity scaling) and then change the wheel until it is clear and comfortable. Because the distance millimeter display gets in the way when you touch the adjustment wheel, choose a star or moon slightly above the outputed display.

It works for me anyway, and I have no direct evidence the IPD output is wack, but I suspect it is.


One more week in the O+ and that is what you will look like too. You just wake up one morning…and boom…just like your Mom said, “your face is going to freeze like that…” Good news is, I’ll get the elevator all to myself from this point forward.

And I agree on the IPD setting. I tried mine at the optometrist measured setting and actually felt it was better rolling it slightly lower while looking at something.


I caved to the pressure and picked up an SO+ at my local Microsoft store yesterday. Couldn’t be left out of the plus club.

Spent an hour switching back and fourth between plus and nonplussed versions (pun intended). SO is more comfortable than SO+. Can understand now @BeachAV8R’s image. A shame, because the Plus image is marginally bettter. Perfect combo would be SO+ guts in an SO headset.

My image testing revealed that I can read some cockpit placards with the plus that couldn’t with the SO1 at default Hornet cockpit position. So will keep plus and sell SO1 and Oculus.

Sorry for the brevity. Date night tonight.


I mean, I like my O+ a lot, but hat’s off to you for breaking with convention and taking it out on a public show of affection. :wink:



You guys are too funny. I meant with this beauty.


Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit concerned with what the dude in the white jacket might be doing.


I have to admit. Date nights with no kids are few and far between. I’d forgo my O+ for a night to go see an adult rated movie and have a dinner where I’m not being a referee any night of the week.



I’m still losing 6DOF in DCS fairly regularly. I get that whole “cockpit moves with you” thing. Sometimes it fixes itself…but sometimes it just stays that way. Not sure what is causing it. The hand controllers disconnect after five minutes or so, but as far as I know, the O+ only needs to be able to see the surrounding area.

Anyone else having that problem regularly?


Is the room well lit Chris?


Yeah…mostly. Odd because I lost 6DOF for a bit…but just played for an hour without losing it. I wonder if perhaps DCS is losing focus sometimes when I have some other stuff open on my desktop, but I’m still not using. I do have my cursor constrained to the DCS window though…


I also noticed my O+ comes awake if I am on a web page that auto-streams a video (like CNN or something)… I wonder if there is a way to prevent that… :thinking:


Btw, how do you handle check lists with VR? Is the O+ “flashlight” feature good for reading a checklist, or a piece of paper with frequencies, such stuff?