Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...



I cannot like that post more than once unfortunately.


I’m keeping mine and not because I immediately voided the warranty. I don’t mind tinkering with things to a degree and making it more comfortable isn’t rocket surgery. I don’t know if I’m annoyed or just being an ass but I can’t understand people that were eager enough to buy this HMD at release, which I’d consider to be kind of an early adopter or enthusiast move, and then not have a hint of ingenuity or patience to figure out a quick jury rig solution for comfort. There are so many “nope, my head is sore, returning immediately” reviews. I just didn’t expect that from the bleeding edge PC VR crowd.


I must have a Neanderthal head, because I’ve never had a comfort issue with my SO1. I do wish that it had a cooling fan like FatShark FPV goggles.


I took one of those DNA tests and it said I was more Neanderthal than average.


And to have an actual point on my rant about comfort and mods. I think depending where you stand on that can help you decide if it’s worth it. If reading about making mods for comfort and you think “I shouldn’t have to do that for x$ of money I spent” vs “That looks easy, I can do that and maybe better”, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not it’s worth it. Me, I was excited when I got it and knew that discomfort would be easy to solve and worth it for the improved visuals.


I don’t know if the foam is starting to break in a bit, or if I’ve just found the right position, or I’m growing a callous on my forehead, but I’ve found the O+ is becoming more and more comfortable and natural feeling. I think I initially had the strap wheel set too tight and that was contributing to the tension on my forehead. Given most of my gaming is seated VR, I found I don’t need that strap real tight.


Still just doing a broad spectrum exploration before I settle in and start playing (something!). The M2000C looks great. Some cockpits are better than others simply because of the size of their instrumentation and digital displays.

I doing some exploration with the Ka-50, I found that 1.6 pixel density in DCS World provided for good performance and visuals. Out of curiosity, I bumped it up to 2.5…performance was impacted, but visuals did not really improve much (if at all). At 1.6 PD, I can read the left and right side panel lettering just fine…I can also read the boot up screen of the ABRIS fine…but once it goes into the map mode, it is just a bit too fuzzy to read without leaning forward just slightly. My through the lens photos don’t actually reflect how clear it is…they make it look more fuzzy than it really is. It’s pretty hard to get a good photo through the lenses that is truly representative of what you see in the headset.


The P-51 is just gorgeous in the O+. The analog gauges are big, easy to read, and it’s just a fun VR experience…and that coming from a guy that isn’t a big WW2 simmer…

The Gazelle is fun since it is so responsive. The canopy plexiglass or whatever it is made of is a bit to clean and transparent at whatever settings I’m using. The really fine lettering on the panel is pretty hard to read and you’d have to be pretty familiar with the layout to be able to deftly move about using the systems with confidence…


I’m really digging these screenies…


It’s really hard to get good pictures. I tried to use my good Sony camera but they came out much worse than yours. I also bumped the camera lens on screen and scratched it a little but you can’t see it in VR, just be careful if you get the same idea.


Love the new WMR 1809 update. One new thing I really like is that you can grab ‘apps’ from within the House (press the windows key on the controller) and rather than launch them, you get the option to place them as TV’s to make a sort of game library up. You just put the headset on and then it’s a good reminder of what to play. Cool.


@fearlessfrog will you play Bridge Crew with me when my goggles come in?


Of course. I’ve been working on this comedy Picard English accent for the longest time, don’t want it to go to waste! :slight_smile:


Hi, i have 1070Oc too with I5 8400 and 16gb ddr 4 and ssd.

Can you share your graphig settings ?

Im intrested how you get 45fps solid with 1.6 PD (i just read your older post in this thread )

orginal odyssey here, lots nicer than my rift (still have that too)

But would like to get some help with settings :slight_smile:


Hi @haukka81. I run with these DCS settings and am happy with them:

To get to 45 fps (I turn reprojection off in SteamVR, keep the Video override to 100% and just use PD 1.5 from within DCS) you also have to use the VR Mod here: DCS VR Shaders Mod (now with instructions!)

My i5 is overclocked to 4.5GHz as well. If I had a better GPU I’d push up some MSAA x2 but these keep the 1070 pretty toasty in VR.


Do you know if 1809 WMR handles ultrawide monitors better when using the desktop “app”? I think they need to curve it like virtual desktop does.


I don’t know. Where I have multiple monitors hooked up it allows me to toggle which one I see in the top left with an icon. It’s not ideal but it’s free. I still use Virtual Desktop in WMR anyway, but the Desktop app is handy for quick launching stuff (especially as the mouse integration is ok).

I like that when you put the headset on that you can ignore the hand controllers and use the mouse instead. The right mouse button does the ‘move jump’ and the mouse wheel rotates position - neat.


That will work out well. You won’t be able to see them, but I have been growing my Capt. Kirk sideburns for when the goggles get here.


I just got my shipping notification! Looks like I will have the headset by Friday! :sunglasses:


I now own two Odyssey Plus’s - how’s that for obsessive. :crazy_face:

I bought at the physical Microsoft store about 12 days or so ago, mainly so I could take it back if I didn’t like it. Yesterday I phoned the store about the sales discount and they said I could come in and they’d credit the $200. Cool.

I phoned again a bit later, as was lazy and didn’t want to look up the store hours, but I got someone else who then said that they ‘only give the sale credit if it’s in stock at that store’. I said, ‘well, that’s a bit dumb as I could order online where it is in stock and just return the store one regardless’, to which they replied ‘I guess. Sure. Bye’. That got me twitchy I’d make a trip to the store and then not get my discount unless I made a fuss.

Sooo. Ordered another one yesterday, got shipping info today that it comes tomorrow (I suspect from the store that has no stock, dunno, Fedex puts the location the same). I’ll return the ‘old’ one tomorrow to the store and get the ‘new’ one the same day. Kind of odd situation, but I guess it’ll work out. Like HMD’s that pass in the night etc. :slight_smile: