Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...



Hehehe, not to sound overdramatic, but I do love Elite D in VR! :smiley:
I must add that mostly that’s due to my home cockpit perfectly replicating the posture of the pilot in game, so it’s really an eerie experience to actually watch and “feel” your body in the same place in VR.


Aren’t this windows killing fps?
Can i get rid of them?


Several things are happening in that shot. Which window specifically?


well that’s the game reproduced on the desktop both on the DCS window and in the WMR window…


I thought the same thing


I don’t think that I’ve ever noticed the game showing in the WMR window. But that may be because I never bothered to look. Will investigate.


Once the hardware renders the image it really doesn’t matter how many outputs are there.


Let me guess is that low cpu frametime the bottleneck here?

My 2600k @4,3 ghz is finally on its knees!
16gb ddr3 hyperx fury

Gpu is brand new 2070rtx turbo asus

It’s working like wonder on any other games!
Box in VR
Battlefield 5 with ray tracying on (what an horribel game!)

But DCS Vr… :man_facepalming:t2:

Starting to consider upgrading options…

if you want to get rid of the theater mode (the windows showing what you see in vr you can disable on app basis inside of steam
In STEAM Open the game’s properties and there will be a checkbox to disable it.
for DCS (not being my version the steam one) i opted to disable theater modes for all games from steam settings.


Is there any performance gain?


Nothing special!
Also that way I’ve killed the SteamVr window, but ther’s still the DCS window mirroring the VR.

On a sidenote lukily changing my main monitor from 1080p to 2k wasn’t a fps hit either…
Wondering what happens if i lower resolution to a minum on the display…

PS to turn off reprojection with last steamVR 1.1.4
you need to right click on the Green VR Icon


open the Display Mirror
and press SHIFT A

edit i see no difference in graphic quality or fps


Have you noticed that the O+ loses lateral head tracking pretty regularly? I typically can’t get through a flight in DCS without it dropping to 2 DoF, and normally the only way to get it back to 6 DoF is to reset the PC.


No haven’t had this problem!
(maybe 2 or 3 times and one time was due by my girlfriend shooting lights off, i think)
Usually what i do is to open a vrwand so that the headset get a quick 3d reference!


Hmm, I normally don’t use the VR controllers for anything. I guess I should turn them both on if only to help the headset track. I’ll give it a shot.


@SierraAlphaMike found now

I’ve had the same issue myself, turns out it is mostly related to insufficient lighting and/or obstacles too close to your WMR headset making it too difficult for the built-in cameras to determine their environment.

This makes it impossible for the software to choose in which tracking universe to operate (seated, standing, full scale) so it reverts to a safe default 3DOF mode until conditions are met for 6DOF again.

Hope this helps

source https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=208086&page=4


Does anyone have flickering or jerky screen in DCS using SO+? It’s so bad for me that it’s unplayable. It would starts less frequent at a session, maybe once every 30 seconds; then it gets worse, once every few seconds. The whole view jerks to left bottom direction and back center. Sometimes, the grey initiation screen (where you see your VR controller and a grey space with white radials and circles that give you the sense of 3D) flashes in for a split second. I think I have this happen in IL2BOS too. Had never had it in X-Plane 11. But a couple of days ago, it started in XP11 too, but at very low frequency. In XP11, it doesn’t jerk. But the grey initiation screen would flash in for a longer time (2 seconds or so), as if SteamVR or whatever VR related program is reconnecting or restart. Anyone else has this?


I have not seen this. Did you recently update graphics drivers maybe? Or is something trying to download in the background maybe?


I did upgrade Nvidia driver just yesterday. This kind of jerk/flash happened with nothing else running in the background.


I’ll try VR with the latest drivers tonight. Have not seen any of that behavior with the SO, but do remember that sometimes driver updates would kill the Rift.


Is the light in your room ok? I wonder if the O+ is losing tracking if too dark or reflections?


I’d been having this issue before NVidia driver update.

The room is very well lighted. And I tried to keep the controllers both in the view of the headset. No luck.

Oh well, maybe I will try to reinstall Steam. Since it’s happening in all 3 simulators, I suspect it’s something to do with SteamVR or WMR portal.