Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...



It seems to be a very different animal from the Rift. I have to admit I still haven’t really made friends with the O+ yet. I fired up the Rift again last night and it was like putting on a pair of comfortable shoes. The screen door effect is noticeably worse in the Rift, but it is like pressing the ‘Easy Button’.


Yeah. Although I had a few really nice moments today once I finally got X-Plane working right (once I disabled SkyMaxx). I tried this graphics limiter today (it is a script that you load in FlyWithLua) and it dynamically changes things like autogen fade in and stuff to keep you at a high FPS:

Loaded up the default MD-92 and DCA and it works great…!


@BeachAV8R, I don’t do mods for that very reason. If something isn’t playable or pretty as stock, I just don’t play it. This doesn’t make me smart, it makes me lazy. I have the lowest acceptance of bother and/or frustration of just about any adult in my circle. I’m not proud of it. But in this one area, it has likely given me whole days which I plan to cash in at the end of my life.


Yeah, I’m on board with that other than that it is also bit of a love/hate hobby with some frustrating side effects. I’d compare it to being a car tinkerer who puts something together only to realize that Part 7 was put on wrong and now you have to back it all out and try it again.

The good/bad thing about X-Plane is that it is under a near constant state of evolution given the rapid updates by the developer. The results of this can be really cool, but also frustrating at the same time as new features break old things. This was the case with the particle update and SkyMaxx I think (maybe). I should have been smart and cleared out the plug-in and add-ons directory first and worked forward. I’m not the best car mechanic :wink:

Here you can see that fading script I was talking about working. Oddly enough, it faded at a nearer distance for New York than DC despite it really looking like about the same density of buildings. I assume the efficiency of the scenery designer plays a part in this too…


Last night I was sitting around on call and decided to go ahead and install Fallout 4 VR that I picked up for $20 in that VivePort sale. It is insanely detailed and runs great. Gamers today with this technology have no idea how awesome it really is… I spent 20 minutes in the character selection screen just staring at the details of the models. It is nuts.


I also received my WidmoVR lenses yesterday. Popped them in and absolutely love them. They are built different than the Rift inserts…these are individual plastic bordered lenses that pop over the actual O+ lens. The result is a perfect optical picture (meaning no framing at all) and it is just so comfortable. I have terrible eyes and I would have to wear glasses in my HMD (Rift or O+) if not for these type of lenses.

Anyway…another vote for WidmoVR and their awesome customer service and product.



I’d like to caption that screenshot please.

“Oh Frank, you have nothing to worry about. You have the prostate of a man half your age.”



She followed me into the bathroom…still complaining that I bought yet another computer “toy” when she still didn’t have that greenhouse she’s been pining for…


If that isn’t a “Naked Gun” reference… :smile:


Thanks for uploading those shots! I also got my Odyssey WidmoVR lenses yesterday, now I don’t have to do it.
Same experience, I had been using contact lenses before and was worried about lens distortion but the image quality is no worse than with the contacts.
I do have a large nose, and an IPD of 60mm (minimum of the Odyssey) so the plastic of the lenses does lean on my nose a bit, but no more than regular glasses would.


By the way, have any of you tried the “HMD Odyssey Home” that Windows notifications keep bugging me about? Is it any different than WMR Home? Does it replace WMR Home? Is it another layer on top of WMR like SteamVR Home?
Or is it just a WMR Home with different apps?

If any of you have tried this, probably best to start a new topic, but I didn’t want to start a topic to say that I am too lazy to press “Get It” in a Windows notification :no_mouth:


I haven’t seen that notification for HMD Odyssey Home…


Maybe they are still working on “HMD Odyssey+ Home”


I had that same message. I ignored it.


You can go in setting and turn it off. That’s actually the only item in setting I saw.


Proud owner of a SO+ since Thursday!
(Bought trough bigapplebuddy)

My first VR and WOAH!

Bos super smooth!
DCS well so and so
Just went trough all the forum suggestions and will make some test to find the right

I’m astigmatic and without lenses it’s a little blurry, will probbaly buy correction lenses!

I72600k @4,29ghz (still rocking :wink: )
16gb ram
Asus rtx 2070
Samsung evo ssd

Thanks all for the help!

Ps question time
I think i have bluetooth but not 4.0 but everything works do i need to buy a usb Bluetooth 4.0 dongle
How much fps do i gain projecting the game just on the vr and not on the monitor?
I fly mainly online is the vrshader mod woth anyway?


Bluetooth is only needed for the controllers. They do not work if you do not have Bluetooth 4.0
I recently got a single, still haven’t tried them


Only if the servers you fly allow you to use it I would say. If they feature full IC, then no.


Good to hear other Europeans are enjoying Samsung’s technology as their first VR!
I heard this from @komemiute and can confirm: you should NOT, I repeat, NOT try Elite: Dangerous in VR. It is a way too good experience and you will be left with barely any time for your serious flight sims. This happened to me too over the last months.