Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...



That looks good Chris!

Have you played with the Windows Cliff House as yet? They have this 3D Models thing (it replaces the Holograms app) that is worth a look. I now have over 300 Brown Bears in my home, to give it that Canadian vibe. :bear::bear::bear::bear::bear::bear:

Decorating that house with things like the Desktop window is pretty nice. It’s amazing how much duplicate effort is in this area, i.e. SteamVR Home, Oculus Home, WMR Home - especially as I hate decorating. :slight_smile:


I walked around it a bit. I keep making things disappear that I can’t figure out how to get back. The movie room down there, somehow I made the movie screen disappear and I don’t know where it went.

I found the Holograms - LOL…I think I had a chameleon riding a bicycle around the house for a bit…and some cat figures.

So have you…uh…noticed them doing…anything like uh…in the woods? (You could answer the age old question…! Maybe two if a tree happens to fall while they are doing #2)…


Yeah…I’m waiting for a Home environment that is just a cardboard box. I’ll be all over that…


Also, I am fairly sure the ‘flashlight’ (had to be careful typing that) isn’t in the WMR public builds yet. I press on the controllers ‘Windows + Grip’ (lol)’ and nothing happens. I think it is coming soon as a Windows update though, as the public ‘Insiders’ track has it.

Btw, to add ‘squares’ back to the home, press the ‘Windows’ button on the controller to bring up the apps, choose one e.g. Desktop in ‘All Apps’) and then you can position it etc. The icon top right is the ‘resize/move’ toggle. The touchpad is a really nice ‘scroller’ on active windows too, one of the few advantages over the Oculus Touch buttons.


Yeah…I tried that last night too and I did hear a funny sound from Windows…but I couldn’t get it to repeat…(and it didn’t work)…

Cool…I thought they were lost forever…or at least until I reset something…


This HMD (the O+) has me seriously wishing I had a VR capable laptop. :thinking: Technology…such an infinite cycle…



Played a little more P3D v4 tonight. The Aerosoft Airbus A318/19 looks nice in the O+. The O+ just barely, barely, barely doesn’t quite have enough resolution for seeing the displays. Lean in a little and they are legible, but at the “default” normal seat position, you’d be hard pressed to actually read the lettering. The autopilot/flight director panel is fine…and even the overhead is all legible because it is closer…but the EICAS screen is just a bit too far away. Not sure if there is any additional resolution tweaking I can do to further improve P3D resolution. Scooting forward in your seat makes it legible…so if you want to just imagine you are Mary Lou Retton the Airbus Captain, that would work (coming soon…the Aerosoft Yellow Pages to sit on!)…

My framerates were fine with medium settings. I tried to keep the things that might affect cockpit legibility high (I’m guessing at what those things are). Anti-aliasing is very much necessary in P3D in VR…or you get shimmer. Upping the AA eliminates that…and it didn’t kill my FPS…so that was good.


P3D uses SteamVR I think? Could you just try bumping up the resolution for that app as an override in the SteamVR applications tab? It might hurt framerate or you even might be at the practical limit already, but thought worth saying as easy to try.


It does. I’m at 190% right now…maybe I’ll keep nudging it over and see what happens.

So this is actually one of the most fun things about VR headsets - rediscovering a bunch of stuff that is in your library as if you are experiencing it for the first time. I don’t care if it is X-Plane, FSX, P3D, or DCS World…when you go from 2D to VR, you WILL be loading everything up and going “ooooohhh…ahhhhh…that’s what it looks like…!” It’s insanely fun, but super unproductive. Particularly when you are taking the HMD off and on so you can take pictures through the lenses.

The next thing I loaded up was the Carenado Cessna 208 Caravan. I think this must be an older version of the Caravan…because the panel is nearly totally flat. The instruments are not truly 3D (just like some of their older models like the Cessna 185F). Not deal breaking by any means…but they just don’t look as good as fully 3D instrumented aircraft.

Next up is a really cool discovery for VR - how good the Piglet Pilatus PC-6 looks in VR. The gauges aren’t all 3D…but for a simple and free airplane, the cockpit presence is very, very good. It doesn’t hurt for my personal bias that I love bush planes…so this thing is great. It is just a super fun aircraft to tool around the pattern in or force into ridiculously tight spots.

Next up was the drop dead gorgeous TFDi Boeing 717. One of the nicest aircraft available for P3D without a doubt. This is a tight feeling cockpit and as a result, in VR it looks fantastic. You are close enough to most of the panels that reading the lettering isn’t much of a problem. The drawback is that this plane eats FPS like candy and it is very hard to enjoy in VR with the performance hit. Now, I am using one of the early builds…so I might need to update it and perhaps performance has improved drastically. As well, if I dialed back some of the scenery options I could perhaps gain back some FPS.

The Carenado Turbo Commander 690B is just gorgeous. Fast frame rates, superb cockpit, just altogether a sweet ride in VR and the O+…

Next I tried the Project Open Sky CRJ 200. I light modeling of the CRJ that just basically gives you a CRJ-ish to fly around. I like it. Simple and fun and makes me feel like an RJ pilot without having to learn how to be an RJ pilot.

As usual…the standard qualifiers…iPhone 6 through the lens…some artifacts due to me not getting the sweet spot lined up right…blurriness a bit because I’m simultaneously reaching for a beer…and some dots of light that are from the ceiling mounted lights behind me…and finally I’m not taking my WidmoVR lenses out every time I want to take a photo…so you are getting some nice genetic astigmatism there. Hope it doesn’t give you a headache.


@BeachAV8R Have you tried going back to the Rift yet? Just to see how big of a visual difference it is.


OMG!!! BeachAV8R got me thinking about commercial sims again… NO! No! no! ok… I will just look…


I’m about to do that now. I’m going to get all scientific and do a 10 min in DCS with the O+ and then the same flight in the Rift. The comfort is annoying me a bit tonight, so hopefully it knocks my socks off with a before/after feelgood.


Day 3 Review

Ok, ran a DCS Hornet free flight four times on the Rift and then alternated with the same flight on the Odyssey Plus for a direct comparison. Here’s what I think:

  • The SDE (screen door display) on the Rift really stands out now. As in I’m staring at that black grid between pixels.

  • The O+ screen colors are really much nicer, sort of like the difference between a TN and an IPS monitor panel if a desktop display. It’s like the color range on the Rift is 16-240 limited RGB, with the gamma being far different. The sun blinds you on the O+, plus the shadows still look black.

  • The ‘granular’ pixel display of the Rift looks great for things like HUDs, in that the edges ironically make some things easier to read, i.e. digits and numbers that are more readable being blockyer. The O+ definitely smooths things out, in that the HUD seems projected but not clearer for sure. I’m not sure it is less clear just that the Rift sometimes uses SDE to make things clearer. I could understand the argument that the OG O uses SDE to make edges of HUDs clearer, but overall I don’t accept that the O+ is blurrier, just perhaps more realistic (where realism hurts the lower resolution in VR).

  • I run with a pixel density of 1.6 in DCS and can maintain 45 fps on my overclocked Nv1070. I feel that I probably couldn’t over-sample the Rift much more but also then feel that I need to over-sample the O+ even more to squeeze more benefit out of it. I’m at the junction where my hardware is ok for the Rift but can’t push the O+ in over-sampling. I tried a 2.0 pixel density, and of course it looks better (how much is hard to say waiting between DCS restarts) but my frames are junk with that.

  • The fit of the Rift is better. The O+ just doesn’t always sit right and can get into ‘head vice’ mode where all the weight is on the crown of the forehead.

  • Because of the fit the sweetspot of the O+ can be a bit random. When it is right it is great, but a few head flings from ACM and if it shifts it get blurry. It’s all to do with that damn forehead strap.

  • Audio/Sound Quality is about the same. Headphones marginally nicer on Rift for music I would guess.

  • I love not having to set up sensors for the O+, so things like ‘plug in and play’ and portability are so much better than the wires USB jungle of the Rift.

I don’t think the O+ is $500 better than an existing Rift, unless you have a Nv2080/i7 9700K ready to rock and to push it in over sampling perhaps.

As weird as it sounds in terms of value, I’d say the O+ is about $250 better than the Rift overall, in that it gives you better upgrade ability, nicer display but you either need to sell your Rift for $200-250 or want to have another VR set in your house for some reason to make the upgrade make sense.

If you don’t already have VR then I’d recommend it as worth the extra over the Rift price. If you already have a Rift then I could go either way, depending on what existing hardware you have and how keen you are for bleeding/cutting edge.

I’ll keep it another 3 or 4 days and see if I can get over the fit thing.


I haven’t. Mostly because I’m lazy and don’t want to crawl back under my desk and find that HDMI port again. I will this weekend though…


I thought the same thing, but glad you verified it. The colors seem richer…and the sun and brightness really do feel “contrasty” compared to the Rift.

Yeah. I’m less aware of that I’m in an HMD when looking at visuals (other than the pressure on my forehead from the stupid design of the O+) which maybe makes it even more frustratingly obvious that my “virtual vision” isn’t as clear as I want it to be.

Yeah…the lower down you drop that back strap, the more pressure it puts up there. Fortunately, with the WidmoVR lenses sorta plopped in there, I’m given a bit more leeway to move the headset around periodically to adjust comfort without losing the sweet spot. I haven’t actually worn the thing for probably more than 20 minutes at a time due to all the taking it off and on during testing stuff. I am very curious what I’d think about it after a two hour mission or something.

Very much this.

Completely agree. I really like my O+, and will probably not go back to my Rift. Had Oculus announced a couple weeks ago that they would have a Rift 1.5 out by June of 2019, I’d probably return the O+ and go back to joining the wait.

I’m also interested to see how I like the O+ in games where fine resolution isn’t really a factor. Like Super Hot or Beat Saber. There I would guess the lack of SDE won’t really be all that “wow” but comfort might be a factor. But the good colors, brightness, and contrast might make it a better experience. I don’t own Skyrim or Fallout…those would be good tests too to see if the more movie-like screen is better than the Rift.


So what I get from reading all this is that if the downsides to the Rift have kept you out of VR in DCS (target spotting and difficulty reading cockpit displays) this set really isn’t going to suddenly make you a VR convert. Guess I just need to keep waiting for new gen HMD’s along with the high powered CPU/GPU’s to run them.


Hey @BeachAV8R - one ‘fit’ experiment I did last night that worked pretty well was wear a baseball cap backwards (yo!) and put the O+ over the top. It essentially just pads the front strap underneath a bit, plus looks even more ridiculous than normal. https://vrcover.com/ has confirmed they are doing a special O+ faceplate pad version, so it’ll do till then.


Sounds awesome! Pics please? :smiley:


Image result for backwards baseball cap

Plus decided to keep it for good.

The decision sort of got taken out of my hands, in that my Rift seemed to have magically transferred itself to my son’s PC last night, with the first I heard about it was some crashing around upstairs to find him crashing into walls playing Echo Combat. After showing him how to set up the guardian stuff we agreed a decent list of chores, payments, grades targets and general ‘Dad is Pain’ stuff, so it looks like that is settled.


Sounds like a plan!