Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...



This happened to me as well. I found that I needed to turn on the hand controllers (the windows key on them, hold for 3 secs or so). For DCS, it is like they go to sleep and then the SteamVR mini-window only shows the headset. If you have all three things shown, and then restart DCS you should be good.


Seems ok.

The Viggen looks very nice btw. You can’t read the text on the left warning lights panel, but it is clearer. If I lean in that I can see what it says, but the ‘set of three green’ when gear down etc are still very small.

Keeping the thing in the sweet spot is the key, especially if throwing my head around a bit.


Of course it does! :wink:

Thanks for taking a look for me.

So the Odyssey needs to see the handcontrollers, for positioning of the HMD…?


Some downsides found so far:

  • Man alive, the HDMI/USB lead is short. I only really intend to use this thing sitting down, but goodness knows how you are meant to move around if you wanted to.

  • There’s this weird ‘HMD thinks things are asleep because you are using SteamVR’ and it wants you to press ‘Win + Y’ to unlock the mouse pointer back to the SteamVR app. Weird. I realize I can put tape over the sensor to prevent this, but not keen to put marks on it just yet (if the puppy needs to go back to the pound, jury is still out). In DCS I wanted to hit ‘Fly’ at the briefing and couldn’t find my mouse pointer (I have a couple of screens, so usually it is just lost). After waving around on the mouse, I figured out it was this ‘Win +Y’ mouse lock thing (they think your mouse position should be in the ‘house’ inside WMR and not the open desktop app I guess).

  • The fit of the Rift is better. I know the PlaystationVR ‘band’ way gives good sweetspot positioning, but wearing it for hours is quite an adjustment. If I keep this thing I am going to need a 3rd party faceplate or cushion or something eventually I think.

The biggest downside (and I knew this would happen) is that when you over-sample on this thing it looks fantastic (DCS especially), but the sheer amount of pixels is too much for my [email protected] / Nv1070 overclocked system. Because of this $500 I now need to go spend another $2000 on upgrades. :expressionless:


Not sure, @Freak might know. I think it’s just a start-up thing, as in gets into a ‘4DOF’ fixation if they are off when starting up SteamVR or something. They can go to sleep once you’re started, if that makes sense.


I haven’t used them in a while, so they are under my desk out of site collecting dust. Not necessary IMO.


Interesting. Have you ever had the ‘not being able to lean in’ issue in DCS @chipwich? I wonder if it’s to do with the in-built Bluetooth 5 in the Plus? My workaround works, but it might be a placebo for just restarting SteamVR if it gets stuck like that.


I was going to say no, but hell, I tend to stumble through life cluelessly. Let me check tonight. Something tells me that as long as I do the Look left Look right Look down setup, that it works fine.


Yep, that’s it - as in unless you lean in / out in the ‘Z’ axis you might not ever notice. I was happily flying the Viggen for a while and then thought I’d check out that caution panel for @troll and it was ‘stuck’. That’s when I noticed the hand controllers weren’t shown in SteamVR and restarted and it fixed it.


Also for @rephil :
What @chipwich is probably referring to is the setup that you do if you start up Only WMR (not the Steam things).
TL;DR: FIRST put on the HMD when only WMR portal is running, without any Steam drivers.

More explanation:
In order to do 6DOF (rotation + translation), the HMD needs to know what your surroundings look like. Sometimes it is not sure where it is anymore. Then it wants to do the setup. I discovered this when I immediately started SteamVR, then grabbed the HMD from the shelf and felt the ‘world moving with my head movements’. This is 3DOF and means you need to shut down all the Steam stuff and then put on the headset. You will be greeted by a set of instructions in the WMR portal, telling you to look left, right, then down. That is sort of like a calibration and after that, it does 6DOF tracking again.


Also @fearlessfrog I too cannot comment on the controllers.

After 3 months of owning the Odyssey, I still don’t even have a Bluetooth device on my PC :speak_no_evil:


Just set up Revive. Works very well, just downloaded the latest installer, hit ‘Go’ and it was done. All Oculus Store purchases now in Steam Library to use. Played a bit of Lone Echo and it performed great. The mapping of the controls is fine, with the ‘touch pad’ taking some getting used to but growing on me.

The SteamVR has a controls ‘remapper’ per title, so might play with that.

Also, Google Earth VR works well, and looks great using all the defaults in SteamVR (turned back ‘Automatic Super Sampling’ for that).


Playing around with DCS and Pixel Density, I know it sounds like an odd thing to say, but it’s like the 1.0 PD setting in DCS actually under-samples to the Odyssey - it’s like it is getting Rift/Vive resolution of 1080x1200 rather than the native res of 1440x1600. The view just seems so blocky?

I wouldn’t be shocked if actually PD 1.333 or 1.5625 was the native resolution.

The SteamVR of what it is ‘per eye’ seems to be completely wrong, in that you can adjust PD in DCS and it remains unchanged.

Hmm, dunno, happy to be wrong though (plus likely, as in wouldn’t DCS say that for Odyssey people they should set 1.3 or 1.6 by default surely?).

I’m off to see if there is a WMR API I can call to report back that current hWnd resolution in the headset or something to get hard data, as there is no ‘tray tool’ like thing I can find.


CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K - 78%
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 - 136.2%
SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB - 106%
SSD: PNY SSD2SC240G3LC726B104-327 240GB - 75.7%
SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB - 138%
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB - 44.2%
HDD: Hitachi HDS724040KLSA80 400GB - 32.9%
HDD: Hitachi HDN726060ALE614 6TB - 112.9%
RAM: Team Vulcan-1600 2x8GB - 28%
MBD: Asrock Z87 Extreme3


I don’t have any data to back it up…but it doesn’t feel like I’m losing anything with the higher resolution and different software. I wish I had time to benchmark and do a comparison table or something, but works been tough this week and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and do something like that.


Yeah, I did that yesterday too (the VR mod) and rebuilt the shaders.


I left my whole O+ in the box and tried it wear it like that…

Yeah…I noticed that. And I think I read that some extensions aren’t compatible…so you have to be careful what you buy. I used my Rift probably 90% of the time seated, but I’d like to be able to use Beat Saber and The Climb for guests and stuff…

Agreed - I hope there is a vendor that is going to do something. Pretty dumb of Samsung to have shipped it with these mistakes that I really think would not have been too hard to engineer out. I wish I could take the display, stick it in the Rift case, and use the Rift Touch controllers.

The controllers are OK-ish…but I actually find I don’t really like the slide pad thing very much. I’d rather have the buttons that the Touch have…

Sweet. Gonna try to do that tonight. Or sleep. Hmm…decisions, decisions…

I thought that too because when you had me set those earlier settings, I though it looked worse than the Rift until I significantly bumped up the PD and Steam VR %… Then again, I don’t really know what I’m doing.


This works pretty well…! That old First Contact looks fantastic in the O+. This pic was taken through my WidmoVR lens…so it might blur it a bit…


Had to take the night off from O+ fiddling and get some sleep. My FitBit celebrates when I see more than 5 hours of consecutive sleep. Gotta love rotating day/night shift work…!

Hoping to get some more impressions today. I’d like to try out P3D since it has made good strides with their native VR integration. And then maybe some games and see about how some Rift specific games play.


So I took this morning the opportunity to setup Revive, which @fearlessfrog was kind enough to point me to: HERE

It allows you to play your Oculus specific library titles in Steam VR. It works very well, installed and launched just fine. When you are in your Steam VR home, the titles from your Oculus library show up on your games list. Unfortunately, they don’t show up with graphics icons…so you have to point at them to see the title/filename show up and you can just select it from there. I’m not sure if there is a workaround for the tile graphics.

I started out with Aircar just to see how it looked. Predictably, it looked fantastic.

Next I tried X: Rebirth VR. This is probably one of those games like Dangerous Waters that I’d really, really love to have the time to play and explore, but I just never do. The complexity of the menus and weapons systems and mission boards is just overwhelming. There are a million different little menus and ship settings that are just really cool. It looks really nice in VR…maybe a little bit of shimmer. I’m wondering if some of these Oculus specific titles have resolutions that are specific to the Rift, and therefore there might be some upsampling to match the O+ resolution. This might cause something similar to what you might see if you were running a monitor in a non-native resolution. I dunno…it is always hard to know if what you are seeing is as intended, or if it is a difference in the headset.

Whatever the case - X: Rebirth VR looks awesome. The hand controllers are very tricky though…because it was originally mapped to work with a Touch controller, and the O+ configuration is different. I believe (I could be wrong) that all of the required controls exist on the O+ controllers…you just have to figure out which ones mean what. I can’t tell you how many times I hit the “FIRE” trigger instead of the “ACCELERATE” trigger (one is on the left controller, one is on the right). Needless to say, my X-VR career got off to an explosive start with my errant gunfire…

Next up was Lucky’s Tale. This game is always a reminder of how freakin’ amazing VR is. It was one of the first VR games, but it remains one of the best. Just a really smart game design with super satisfying graphics and gameplay. I’m not really a platformer gamer…but this game can suck you in and make you want to keep going. Kids absolutely love it, and it is a great kid-safe VR title. In the O+, again you have the control scheme you have to figure out that matches the Touch…but it appears that everything is mapped and you just have to trial and error it to figure it out. I might need to search around for a graphic that shows exactly what buttons correspond to what on the Touch vs. O+ Controller.

All of the games I played this morning looked great. No SDE, and I thought the text readability and overall look is very good. Performance for these three games was not taxing at all of course…and they ran very fluidly.

I also seem to be settling in to the headset comfort issue. I have found a position that works for me, seems comfortable enough, and has a good sweet spot for the visual acuity. I’m also still using the WidmoVR inserts from the Rift just sort of jammed into the foam periphery of the O+ and it works well enough and gives me a great view without having to have my glasses on. That said, I can’t wait for a pair that is tailor made to fit in the O+.

Oh…and I did take these pics with my iPhone through the WidmoVR prescription inserts…so I’m guessing that probably blurs the pics a bit. I’m really surprised they come out at all…because I have a pretty strong correction for my distance vision. Is the fact that the point of focus for the headset screen itself only an inch or two away the reason that the correction isn’t really a factor in taking a photo through the lens? Really weird…


OK - so on to P3D v4 and their ever improving native VR implementation. While FlyInside offer some nice features (particularly access to the simulator menus), I’m pretty much only using P3D’s internal VR mode now. It is pretty good, and if you aren’t hopping around the menu system much, it is perfectly adequate.

Performance in the O+ is very good. Again, at the risk of wearing out the observation, the lack of SDE really works for me and I definitely feel more like I’m VR-ing in a higher resolution monitor. Again, the following pictures are taken with me holding the HMD up in front of me and trying to squeeze my iPhone in to take photos. As a result, you get some reflections and perhaps a little dots of light from my windows and light sources in the house. You’ll also see some frames in some of the pics…that is the WidmoVR frame. I have to move the phone around a bit to get it in the sweet spot in the center…so that’s why some of the pics look sorta funky…

The Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter looks great. Gauges are pretty much readable. Again at this version 1.5 let’s call it of VR hardware, we are really close to the resolution we need to really be satisfied, but I think 2.0 will be where we really see the crossover from monitors to VR. I still think the O+ is great for people coming from no VR or the Rift…perhaps not so much for people coming from the Odyssey OG and Vive…

I have P3D v4 set to around mid level settings and it looks great and is smooth. It isn’t 90FPS, and probably isn’t 45…but 30-ish seems to work fine for these sims where we aren’t snapping screens around at a rapid pace.

Leaning in toward the engine stack. Hard to show in a pic…but the SDE improvement is really great. Some people are saying the technique makes things fuzzy and less readable…I don’t find that to be the case coming from the Rift. Perhaps the increase in panel res + the SDE elimination just make a bigger impression on someone coming from the Rift. You should definitely check it out before you buy it though…or at least take advantage of the 30 day Microsoft Store return policy so you can try before you are totally committed.

You’ll notice that I tried to take some of these pics in landscape mode. It is very hard to get the phone in a position across the headset due to the fact the lenses are set in the face-cushion “cup” as it were. It is far easier to get the iPhone lens into position when vertical…but that doesn’t give you quite as good a FOV as landscape. Even landscape pics don’t show the full FOV though…

The Carenado Cheyenne is a gorgeous cockpit…

The cabin feels like you are actually there…

The RLaborie A400M…which could use an update since I can’t get the ADI working correctly. It is one of my favorite airplanes even though the systems are probably a bit fictionalized…

The black stripes in this image are caused by the iPhone rolling shutter coping with the refresh rate of the HMD…you don’t see those black artifacts in the HMD…

Apologies to @smokinhole for probably not flying the DC-10 in the right configuration. Just wanted to do a quick pattern around Cordova, Alaska. The CLS/Just Flight DC-10 is a really nice looking plane. More like a DC-10 “experience” than a 100% systems simulator…

Flight Engineer panel…

Pics a little fuzzy as I tried to get some landscape pics…