Outerra Glider Sim (Almost)

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That looks pretty cool. I see snippets about Outerra every few months for years and years…has anyone made a commercial product with the technology yet I wonder…? :thinking: Looks like it would make a great low level helicopter terrain engine…

Well, the technology has been in military use worldwide under the name TitanIm for quite some time.

And that’s given this small team the ability to continue development for all of these years, albeit at a glacial pace.

More recently, The Man Behind the new microprose, who also owns TitanIm has apparently been quite busy with projects that may or may not end up using this technology.

The creator of this particular mod has been Super Active on their forums in the last few months, coming up with all sorts of things, including working trains, City lighting vegetation and vehicles, animated animals and all sorts of interesting stuff.

Simultaneously the developer team has implemented worldwide Bridges, the ability to create tunnels, worldwide weather, cloud shadows, worldwide tree and building data… etcetera.

Things seem poised to go somewhere, if the stars all align and money comes through…

Or maybe not. Time will tell. Certainly the potential is there.

Some other things this modder has done recently: