OUTERRA RETURNS! Latest version: (64-bit)

Finally reaching for its true potential, in this year of surprises: Latest version: (64-bit)

  • 64-bit version
  • 3D trees
  • global city dataset
  • global imagery resolution 20m (adjustable, default 40m, demo mode 160m)
  • forest map resolution 10m (adjustable, default 20m, demo mode 80m)
  • dynamic environment reflections
  • cloud shadows
  • global weather from captured satellite data
  • scriptable scenery objects

I bought Outerra few years ago, do I need to rebuy that updated version, or is this free update?

Free update

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Nice, now I have to find my login and password :wink:

Yeah, I was idly wondering if you had them available. You can always ask for help on the forum

I remember that from a few years back…
Is it just a terrain engine? Is it used anywhere?

Well its used by TitanIM (military)

And its pretty much a world engine. Lakes rivers, cities, airports cars, trucks, planes… etc.

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Here is an older version. No good vids of the new stuff yet

Awac9 has always had a terrible computer, but even with low settings and no AA active, you can see the promise, here.


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Update Released:

  • enhanced tree shading, shadows
  • better tree age distribution
  • fixed vehicle/aircraft set_fps_camera_ypr
  • fixed vehicle script reload
  • fixed ambient sounds, set_interior_sound_attenuation
  • fbx import - 3ds max skin import issue fixed, clamping of pivot offset disabled
  • scenery editor - pivot render fix
  • added emissive lights on distant building LOD
  • fixed gl errors, black screen on AMD
  • fixed spurious reflections in env map
  • fixed joystick deadzone
  • crash fixes
Outerra: new mig29 mod with missiles, bombs etc (release)

Never underestimate the freeware creators and modders!!!