I have downloaded probably about 20 User files from the DCS Community Suppository and trying to use this OvGME Mod control program for them. It does refer to zip (WinRar) files so I surmised I could just add the zip files to the “Enable” side of the program. When enabling the DCS World\ DCS Mod directory the program scanned but found very few uncorrupted zip files. However it does mention making specific files that the program can use. Does anyone use this or the JvGME program for controlling Mods.

I have used it in the past, but nowadays all the mods I use (additional aircraft and ground units) can be used through the Saved Games directory so I don’t bother anymore.

Most mods are not in the format OVGME expects when downloaded from User Files but many of them can be used by dropping them (unpacked) in Saved Games.

For example, the A-4E-C is in a directory that is (from memory) something like:
C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Aircraft\A-4E-C (or DCS instead of DCS.openbeta)
and then the docs folder and DLLs etc are in that dir.

If you unpack the Zip, you will probably see the Aircraft folder, which you can then drop straight into Saved Games\DCS(.openbeta)

So moving dl content to the Save Games directory in zip form, does DCS unpack on the fly and use it. With so many zipped files that OvGME dosnt recognise looks like I will be using your method in any case. Sounds like using OvGME isnt exactly in a workable platform yet then. Thanks for your input (s).

No, you import them with the Import Mod(s) button, if the mod is OvGME compliant. Not all mods that you download are OvGME formatted. Perhaps most of them are not. If the structure of the .zip file is not in the correct format, it’s not going to handhold or do structure analysis of your particular sim, like Content Manager will do for Assetto Corsa, because OvGME is game agnostic. I’m not aware of a mod manager written specifically for DCS.

But even if a zip or RAR is not OvGME compliant, it doesn’t take much work to get it in your mods folder.

Let’s say that you have setup the DCS saved games folder in OvGME. Your game configuration in OvGME looks something like mine:


You download a cool checklist kneeboard for the Hornet, but don’t see it described as being OvGME ready. You unzip it to find only hornetkeeboard.png inside. All you need to do is in your mods folder, create a folder for the mod, something like Cool Hornet Kneeboard, and inside create a folder called Kneeboard, inside there another folder called FA-18C_hornet, where you will drop the hornetkneeboard.png file. You have now added the mod to OvGME, where you can enable or disable it as you desire.

Many times a mod maker will tell you where the mod goes, giving you the name of the folder, in this case FA-18C_hornet. If you are lucky and download OvGME enabled mods, then you simply click the Import Mod(s) button and point to the mod. You will still need to Enable it once it is imported.


To unpack means to move files and directories out of the ZIP that they are compressed in

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Ok Thanks my downloads havnt gone astray then.

Yes thanks mate I understand the zip,rar etc side of things I just didnt know If this Ovgme worked with unzipped files or having to unzip them first. ( I have heaps of mods ) hope most of them work. Cheers

I was not talking about OVGME, I was talking about Saved Games files. (I edited my comment to clarify what I was replying to)

I was replying to this question:

The answer is no, they need to be unpacked into Saved Games.
DCS merges the data from Saved Games\DCS with the data from Program Files\DCS

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