P3D V3.0 video

This is pretty impressive looking. I sorta dug my heels in on buying P3D V3.0 though…but this makes it pretty hard…


Is that the default autogen terrain, or a third party add on?

I’m not opposed to P3D in spirit, but like 90% of my FSX usage is the VRS Superbug, Last time I checked they wanted to charge commercial prices for a P3D license, and I can’t justify that sort of expenditure.

From the description, his setup is pretty heavily modded. He’s got:
REX 4 Texture Direct + Soft Clouds
Orbx Ftx EU Norway, Orbx Ftx Global Vector
Fs Global Ultimate Europe (mesh)
Opusfsi (weather engine and camera shake)

I did upgrade to 3.0 and I’m satisfied with my purchase. I’m seeing noticeably better performance running addon mods, scenery, and the PMDG 737.

My biggest gripe about P3D is that they market it as a professional training platform, yet it still ships with the same nav and airport data from when FSX first came out. Some of this can be fixed by using updated AIRAC data or even updating airport AFCAD files manually, but it can still be a pain to fly into an airport and find that runways and taxiways have changed or, worse, even missing.

But… I think it’s still the best option out there currently and, if I could bring over the Superbug, I’d uninstall FSX completely.

Blind I’m with you on VRS, their stance on P3D pro has soured my opinion of them. They seem to confuse the word “professional” with “commercial” and assume that every pro license is running some for-profit flight simulator business.

The LM terms are very clear as to who is eligible for the academic version and I decided to purchase the pro license for P3D. While VRS sells a version for P3D Academic for a reasonable price, the pricing for the pro license is several thousand dollars. Their response to me when I asked them about it was that I could go buy the academic license as well, and then spend more money to buy the P3D bug(I do have the bug and Tacpack for FSX.) No thanks, I’ll keep my money. Why they choose to cut pro license users out, and thus lose out on potential sales, is beyond me.

It’s unfortunate because the aircraft is, overall, very well done. I’d happily purchase it again for P3D, or gasp DCS, but not with how they’ve treated the pro customers.

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