Pacific Coast Highway - Assetto Corsa VR

Looks like a blast…!


looks fun! as I understand it all default tracks in AC are circuits, this A to B track is mod, right? are there more A to B mods? my all time favourite racing game is The Need for Speed (1994) :slight_smile:


Cool. But, ah, “license and registration, please. You crossed a double-yellow line there buddy”. :slight_smile:

  1. They need 2-way traffic. I’m sure the sim engine doesn’t support that but it would be nice
  2. I wonder how long til someone is inspired to duplicate their game results for real.
  3. Personally I think VR works even better, for me, for hi-fi racing sims; my times always showed an improvement. Sadly my man-closet just doesn’t have the room for all that hardware: flight sim + racing.

I haven’t had time to play the release version of PCH yet, but usually the dev includes 2-way traffic and law enforcement options. It’s much more fun AI turned up as well.

Ooooh… Makes me want to get racing controllers.
Maybe I can find space for a race setup in our new house…? :thinking:

That looks great. I haven’t touched AC in a few years.

Side note: Years back, I had the pleasure to do this. My wife got me one of those heavily discounted Groupon sports car tour packages (Club Sportiva) where we drove along the Pacific Coast. Cars included the Lambo, GT-R, Tesla, Audi R8, Lotus. That was a drive to remember


Did they convoy you so you drive nicely? My experience with the 101 is usually having to do Death or Overtake move with 3 back to back enormous bus-like RVs that go along at 25 MPH the entire way. :oncoming_automobile: :slight_smile:


Oh that’s just beautiful. I’m a car nut with no actual money. So I just look at pictures.

That Lambo is stunning. But I really would give anything to drive an R35 GT-R. I’m a Skyline maniac fan. I absolutely love them

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Graphics are all wrong! I am actually typing from the PCH and this is what it looks like…

Waiting for “Jus’ Poke” to open.


Yeah it was convoy… There were times when we managed to get separated. :sunglasses: I’ll let you use your imagination. :shushing_face:

So this ride is from 2013. Yeah the GT-R is a BEAST. The Tesla Model S had just hit the scene the year prior. The acceleration was more impressive than I had imagined going into the ride. I mean it felt like getting massively rear-ended.

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