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I’m on the hunt for two computers. One each for my boys. Any comments on the computer below would be appreciated. I’m not going to build my own…I know it is gratifying and fun and exciting and easy, but I just don’t want to. I’ve always been an Intel/NVidia user myself…for no other reason than ignorance, but I’m wanting to get their computer with more a budget in mind since I’ve got to buy two of them (and then get monitors for them).

They will be using VR…my old Reverb Gen 1 and an Odyssey +…so would the RX 5700 have enough horsepower?

Some advice on Reddit suggests maybe waiting a bit to see what the new NVidia lineup is going to be and how that might affect other prices. So maybe that is a good idea…


Perhaps, the 5700 is a damn good bang for the buck GPU, the 3700X is a beast too, lots of OC potential if there’s a decent cooler and mobo in that config.

1000 seems pretty decent, and a M2 512SSD will give some headspace for games and the OS, with the 1TB HD for data.

I think any current gen GPU can run VR, especially the older VR headsets that require a lot less. I’ve been on the lookout for an older VR headset myself. Recently upgraded my GPU to a RX 580 8GB for 180 euro’s and that’s a positively budget GPU these days.

EDIT: currently waiting on prices is… tricky at best. The Corona virus has caused a lot of price increases and shortages off parts due to supplier difficulties and a lot more people upgrading their home machines.

EDIT2: Don’t know what mobo that runs on but it has a CPU and RAM designed for overclocking. Worth diving into the BIOS and throwing on a simple multiplier and a XMP profile to get a nice basic bump!

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I’d personally recommend ditching the HDD. A 1TB SSD is only about $200 these days, and really does make a difference over a mechanical HDD.

I just spent $200 on a crucial mx500 2TB SATA SSD from Amazon. It will serve only one purpose: scenery for X-Plane and FS2020.

@BeachAV8R, build. It is gratifying and fun and exciting and easy. OK, no, it’s not exciting. But there are some real crafting opportunities your sons might enjoy. They can choose their own cases. They can choose what sort of lighting they want. And you don’t need to buy the lights. The motherboard, GPU and memory will have them most likely. All you have to do is set a jumper so that they illuminate or stay dark. You know your kids and I only have the one. But the innocent parent in me sees a very fun afternoon with the two doing the assembly on their respective rigs while call the steps and assist. I’m using a Thermaltake case that’s totally open on the mobo side. It looks so damn cool!


Unless our Italian friend finds his wings again, I have an OG rift looking for a good home the day my G2 gets delivered.

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That’s a good point. The excitement of watching the parts come in and seeing their customizations happen would be a ton of fun. I had totally neglected to consider that…good reminder!


The excitement is also in “will this thing boot?” And then there’s a lot to be learned in troubleshooting the thing.

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