Paradise Lost: DCS UH-1H Campaign

Is anybody else playing Reflected’s new campaign: Paradise Lost?

I got to dive into it earlier this week, being a pretty novice Huey pilot. What a great campaign!
It forced me to go back to school on the Huey, much like his Fear the Bones campaign did for the F-14. If you’re wanting to start flying the Huey, this is a great motivation to learn. I’ve gotten ‘competent’ at flying the bird, and can actually make a successful autorotation now, and can even sling load things without breaking them! (most of the time…)

One thing I’d recommend if you’re new to the bird is a good checklist for the kneeboard, it’ll save you the embarrassment of a failed start because while you remembered to turn on the fuel, you forgot to open the throttle to idle… :roll_eyes: There’s a checklist included in the campaign kneeboard, but I like this one better:

The Huey is such a great bird. Easy to learn, but just the right amount of challenging to master. And the systems and avionics are simple, which is wonderful for a guy like me with a short memory that might get to play a couple hours at a time, a couple nights a week. The difficulty in this campaign ramps up well, the first mission or two is easy enough, and then later you’re flying it right at the limit, having to do running takeoffs and learning why they call the right pedal the power pedal! I’ve learned a lot about helicopter theory, flying safely and avoiding the dangerous regimes of flight (Chuck’s Guide covers a lot of this really well, beyond that as much as I hate to, I’d point toward the FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook).

The other thing this campaign does really well is use the Marianas terrain to its fullest extent. The island of Guam is small, really too small for a Vietnam-style fixed wing campaign. But it’s perfect for helicopters, because everything is fairly close. There’s no flying in one direction for an hour, then having to fly back like in the DCS UN campaign on the Caucus map, meaning each mission is a small enough bite to tackle in one session for a guy with little kids and life beyond the headset. In VR, the performance on Marianas is decent enough. It could be better (Mostly over Andersen AFB, and I’ve turned off some of the eye-candy, and using ReShade and FSR really help!), but that’s not Reflected’s fault, and he’s kept the unit count down enough to allow it to run well in VR while still having the feel of an alive world. I’ve really enjoyed Guam and navigating by landmarks (and FM homing, occasionally the ADF or a radial off the one operational VOR on the island).

In short (too late), I’d definitely recommend picking this campaign up if you own the Huey.


I bought the campaign first day it released and ran the intro mission but have not got to the 2nd mission yet. So no spoilers please :grin:


No spoilers, except this one:

Before you’re halfway through, you’re gonna be high, hot, and fat. If you’re like me, you’ll be sweating, desperately trying to remember exactly how many seconds you’re allowed to exceed 635 on the EGT!

In all seriousness, enjoy! I finished 7 before I had to go back out on the road.

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Just flew the first mission. Pretty well made!

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Yeah, that tight LZ on a slight slope was really something. The first time I’ll admit I busted one skid on touchdown and had to sit there hovering on the other, which was wasn’t ideal, lol!

I really wish we could see the troops in the back, like in Operation Flashpoint or the Arma series. It just feels weird turning around and seeing an empty cargo bay when you should be full of Aircav troopers.

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I have flown the first two missions. I stopped to get my new computer up to speed with vr. I suspect I will be living on it soon


Nothing worse than flying gunship escort into a hot LZ, watching the slicks drop their aircav platoon and get all shot up on the way out, going winchester with as much effect as you can manage, and flying over the LZ on the way home and noting the unmoving shapes of the aircav platoon, that didn’t even make it off of the LZ because they were dropped right under the nose of a bunker complex, wondering where the hell the F-4’s were, and questioning the futility of it all… Cannot imagine what that must have been like IRL…

Since that mission, I’ve been considering re-arming during startup, since if I’m going to be tasked with providing the only CAS available, I want to carry enough ord to be effective. Last night I switched to the larger rocket pods, kept my forward-firing miniguns and replaced the right M60 with an M134. Had to reduce fuel to 48% to keep it at gross weight, and make a running-takeoff sliding the skids for a couple hundred feet, but got it airborne as soon as we hit translational lift. Then I could only cruise at about 85kts, but had plenty of firepower when I got to the AO. Considering leaving the other doorgunner behind next flight.

In this campaign, especially when flying as a gunship, EGT is a major limiting factor, rather than torque which is typically what we worry about. I suspect that in the gunship missions, Reflected is increasing the OAT to simulate performance similar to a C (or D) model Huey, since he mentions (correctly) that the gunships were older models with smaller engines and far less performance. I need to check the OAT next time I play, I keep forgetting to look at it. He also has them taking off with a larger fuel load (I think), which is unnecessary considering the length of most of the missions. Fuel endurance has never been a concern for me so far anyway.

What does a UH-1H burn per hour? Is it about 650lbs/~95GPH? There’s no fuel flow showing lbs/hr, so I haven’t timed it to figure that out yet.


Full tank gives 90 minutes normal flight conditions


Damn you guys. I’m trying to enjoy the Blackhawk, but @WarPig said re-arming :grin:


I would LOVE a DAP version of the Blackhawk. A payware AH-6 or weaponized MD-500 would be a sure purchase from me.


Me too! The 160th SOAR MH-60 DAP by BAS was the coolest mod ever in the OFP days.


There is a decent DAP, and a couple good AH-6’s for ARMA3 currently.

The AH-6 mod for DCS is fun, but the dev stopped development and it’s still a bit rough.

hmm, short distances? sounds good, I think I will give it a chance (wanted to try some DCS SP camping for some time anyway).

at least it will force me to install Marianas finally :slight_smile:

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Enjoy! I played the last mission last night, and it was a trip, coolest moment in DCS that I can recall.

Just be prepared to slide some of your settings a little lower for Marianas. It’s not optimized yet, and runs like Syria used to sometimes. The good news is the missions are well designed to counter this, so you’ll get decent performance despite it.

I got reacquainted with the Huey last night, flying around the Marianas, and will begin the campaign tonight. Have my Vietnam era YouTube Music playlist loaded and locked. Thinking about making one and setting it up for the radio.

Reflected’s answer how to edit the mission music, “if you export your music into an ogg file named 60s_Radio.ogg, then open the mission file with zip and replace the 60s_Radio.ogg file with yours (similarly named) then yes…I think…try and let me know.”

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If it works let us know, that sounds awesome.

The default songs get a little repetitive over time.

My home office today. I feel like every minute I work today, I get weaker, while every minute Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger.


Wow! The first mission rocked.

Our slick got the crap shot out of it at the Bravo 6 dust-off. I kept waiting for someone to shoot back while the we were loading, but I couldn’t hear anyone returning fire. Mission was really cool though. It took me a while to figure out when Mac (Casmo) said that he had marked the map, that it was the F10 map. The rain in VR made it a challenge, but added to the atmosphere big time. For me, getting into Berlin was harder than Bravo 6. The smoke occluded the DZ so much coming in downwind. Well sort of, With the outbound arty, the approach was really more like 45 degrees off of the wind.

Looking forward to the rest. I began listening to Guts and Gunships today, which will be the third time. It’s a really good read right from the start.


ok, did the intro mission, looking forward to the rest :slight_smile:



The last mission is my favorite, I kinda wish they were all like that in terms of epic-ness. :grin:

I can’t offer much in the way of criticism for Reflected’s campaign, except that I wish that all missions weren’t based out of Andersen AFB. Not that there’s anything wrong with the base and the way he’s populated it, but man does it crawl sometimes performance wise. There were a few missions where several packages were coming and going that the take-off and landing was a bit of a slideshow.

My suggestion is that since we’re an Air Cav company, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to be a little more forward-based, out in the sticks a bit at a smaller base. Then my poor graphics card wouldn’t have to contend with 2-3 dozen C-130’s and a squadron of B-52s, F-4Es and F-5s while I’m trying to takeoff. Other than that, it was an awesome campaign and definitely rates up there with FTB and Raven One.

Has anyone gotten to the re-supply mission where you get to sling load some stuff at an OAT way beyond the bird’s hover capability? That one was a challenge! :open_mouth:

ETA: And I know Reflected says not to change the ROE of the door gunners, that the mission will handle that, and it did most of the time. But, I’ll tell you what, there were a couple times going into a hot LZ that I looked and they were on return fire, and I went ahead and set them to open up because I wanted those treelines to get hosed!