(Partially) Clickable Cockpits for FC3

I haven’t had time to test this, but it would certainly be welcome.


That’s awesome!

Some of this stuff ED should throw a few bucks towards the mod devs and incorporate them into the game.


Sounds great.


Thats amazing. Love this idea

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I had a little time to try the mod last night in the MiG-29 and Su-33.

  1. The mod works in VR.

  2. The mod works with the MiG-29 and Su-33 English cockpit mods by Devrim. Blasphemous to some, but preferred by me since I rarely fly Russian or Soviet a/c.

  3. The MiG-29 is much more developed than the Su-33. I should have tried the Su-27.

  4. Only some switches and levers are animated.

A 2D screen capture doesn’t show the cursor on the object, but you can see where the label pops up when floating the cursor over a switchable item, like the gear lever. You can see the pointer in the sim. The MiG-29 pit is really nice, IMHO.

In a VR screen capture, you can see the pointer as it floats over a switchable item, like the HUD brightness. The MiG-29 is an absolutely joy to fly in VR. I think that I took this in the G in Syria.


I played around a bit with it as well.

It seems to still be useful to have some keybinds in place, especially for the main mode switch controls (1 for navigation and submodes, 7 for A2G, 2 for scan, etc) as there seems to still be a bit wonky with it. Also, not all the controls are animated yet, so you have to pay attention to how many times you’ve clicked something, and the other indications around it.

All said, so far, it definitely is a cool feature, but it’ll take getting used to- and it reminded me that I DEFINITELY need to reinstall Devrim’s English cockpit.


Good observations. I’m hoping that it’s well received by the community and continues being developed. The F-15C and A-10A really need this.


Connectors are in place for F-15C and A-10A, as well as animations,

MIG-29/SU27/SU25 not everything was animated, and there is no way for anyone to do so without the source max file.

The Mod Creator placed User Connectors for items and merged with the Cockpit EDM and used those to set the click points for missing connectors on the SU/MIGs, and when clicked sends the keyboard command.

It’s really not hard to do, outside of DRM/Integrity Check issues, I don’t see why anyone with basic LUA knowledge hasn’t done it before. I did the A-10A a looooooong time ago.

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