Password Managers

Was wondering what everyone uses for managing their passwords. Anyone have recommendations for password managers?

Keepass is your friend.


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I use none.
Haven’t found any yet that I would trust.


I feel the same way about them.


Trust more than a text file, Word doc, or sticky note under your keyboard? or maybe just the same password over and over?

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In fact the sheet of paper under the keyboard is pretty safe considering who (and especially how many people) can steal it or peek at it.
Much safer than a bad password manager or a text file on your PC.

Password reuse is by far the worst option though. A lot worse than bad passwords even.

It all depends on what the purpose is.


I once installed keepass, had it generate 16bit strings of random alphanumericals for everything I needed a password for. Put them in. Mail, another mail, this forum, that forum, the bank, the other bank, etc etc ad nauseam.

And then I promptly forgot the password I put on keepass. Dumb me. Regaining access to all the accounts I had locked behind those huge random strings took forever.

I deserve the identity theft I now have coming.

Notepad on my iphone. The numbers and letters that all my passwords share are coded.

Bad behavior on a couple of levels I know.

I have Lastpass but may be switching to 1Password as it partners with Mr. Troy Hunt and his site. Lastpass is a good solid tool with 2-factor authentication (which I have enabled). Not sure what I would do without one other than use the same password everywhere :slight_smile:

Keepass is good too. We use it at work.


I’m very much involved with cybersecurity and compliance. LastPass is the gold standard.


I keep mine here.

Its the safest option… Until I have had a few beers then all hell breaks loose.


Admin note: To those users who are repeatedly trying the password ‘brain’ for bogus’s account please stop. :wink:

A lot of passwords for ‘low grade’ stuff like forums :frog: I tend to use disposable passwords, in that I’ll and then rely on the password reset if the Chrome sync fails for any reason. I don’t even try to record it elsewhere.

Everything else that I would care to lose or is important I have ‘two factor’ stuff on (banks, work etc) so that I either need a Yubikey fob or a one-time time-based code via my phone.

Password managers are the way to go though, especially if you have a few devices and move around a bit.

PS we have two factor here, if you want to use it. Under Settings / Account / Enable Two Factor.


Horrible practice I know, but I reuses passwords for anything non-critical. Pretty much every forum I’ve ever signed up with uses the same password or two.

Anything that involves money or sensitive data however, I use a unique high quality PW and 2 factor. It’s surprising how many passwords we end up with, and how few actually matter.

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Thanks gentlemen. I think I have all I need now.

Uh oh…


I love RoboForm. The paid version is worth every penny. It saves passwords across all devices, works with almost all browsers, generates complex PWs according to parameters set by the user and is integrated with the iPhone’s thumbprint security protocols. Obviously you need to come up with a complex master password for RoboForm itself and not forget it. This program has been of enormous benefit to me over the last three years and is being constantly refined and updated. I am just not one of these tinfoil hat guys who believes that it’s dangerous to store any passwords in the cloud and I don’t use RoboForm for any kind of banking but for everything else it’s a huge boon to have a trustworthy, highly capable app like this. It even has its own mobile browser. I have about 150 PWs generated and stored in RoboForm and consider it a truly indispensable app.

I so agree with this.
Security made a whole 360° and now it’s still safer keep all your passowrds offline- piece of paper style.

Superb threat. Lots to chew on here.

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