Password Protected After Action Report

I tried to access the password protected after action report for Enemy Within but no joy. What’s up with that?

@Blooze That isn’t ready to be made public yet. Curious how you found the link to it…and does it still work to take you to the front of the article? And does that link still take you there?


Found the same.
DCS World 2.0 - The Enemy Within.

I found it in RSS, but it was also visible from the main page. The link does not work anymore.

Thanks guys… Trying to track down the leaks in our ship… LOL… So it’s still showing on the front page for you guys?

Nope, not anymore.

Interesting. Yeah…that was privately published as a concept (unproofed, etc…) but for some reason RSS picked it up and sent out the link even though it required a password. We are still working out the kinks in our integration of Mudspike and our forum software (Discourse)…but some of those links might have snuck out last night. Don’t quote me…but once they are out they may stay “active” across the internet for some time until (DNS?) flushes… So that explains why some people might see the article header (but nothing more) and some just get a dead link.

I’ll be sure to let you know when the article is ready for prime time… :smiley: Thanks for the help tracking down where the link leaked from…


It’s not on the home page any more but if I hit the “after action report” tab it’s there. Enemy Within


I’ll get Nedry to take a look at that… :stuck_out_tongue:

@fearlessfrog - Any ideas on that? Maybe the tags cause it to go around the hidden settings?


Yep, take off the tag I guess, at least until ready :smile:

Edit: ‘you didn’t say the magic word. You didn’t say the magic word…’ :wink:

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