PC Bricked & Need Reinstall

My PC was updating windows and gave the BSOD and I could not recover. I purchased a new (better) PC and want to install (reinstall) DCS and all my purchased modules. I cannot find the process, all I’ve found is to deactivate the old purchases which is not possible.

I’m sure this has happened before and there is a solution, but I’m not finding it. Any help is appreciated, TIA.

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Hi and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:
AFAIK you don’t have to deactivate the modules anymore. Just install DCS, log on to your user and you should be able to download all your modules via the modules manager.

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Welcome @Sto-to-mish.
First thing download the base installer from digitalcombatsimulator.

Once that is done and installed you can reactivate your modules…